26 August

How to cope with the "cold " headaches ?

According to studies, 15-20% of adults worldwide suffer from the so-called "cold" headaches, with women more likely to suffer.Typically, this reaction to cold air and wind.

In the West, there is a term «Ice cream headache», which literally means "ice cream headache".Actually, not only ice cream, but also on all other cold products.This is also a version of "cold" pain.

What if the pain appeared suddenly and gradually intensified?Try as soon as possible to enter into a warm room (shops, cafes, public transport) and rub hands temples and cheeks.Take the time to go out, even if the pain receded, rstavaytes in the room is not less than half an hour.Well, if you can even drink hot tea with 1-2 teaspoons of brandy, then cool completely.

True, pure alcohol, though the same cognac, only aggravate the situation.The same can be said about tobacco.After smoking breaks head starts to hurt more, and to cope with it has to last longer.So smoke in the cool doctors strongly advised not to.

reduce the likelihood of

"cold" pain is simple.

begin with the evening.Do not eat dinner foods that have diuretic properties: potatoes, fruits, vegetables, coffee, tea, cocoa.In the evening, be sure to take a walk at least 20-30 minutes.An hour before bedtime take a warm bath, add water 2-3 drops of pine, orange and juniper essential oils, this will help you relax and fall asleep easily.During the bath massage hands and feet, then sleep will be strong and healthy.Ventilate the bedroom, so it was cool to her.

morning, take a contrast shower and drink pharmacy tincture of Eleutherococcus, to improve the tone of the communities.When this warm water should be about 33 - 34 ° C, and does not cool below 23 - 24 ° C.

Breakfast should be not only hot, but also the most valuable energy (more calories).Suitable porridge, scrambled eggs or any hearty dish of your choice.Drink must also be hot - tea, milk and cocoa.But drinking coffee is not recommended - it improves the sensitivity of temperature receptors and increases the headache.

How to dress?Pay particular attention to this issue should be approached in a "critical days" when meteosensitivity at maximum.At this time, the hands, the neck, the head must be protected with something warm.So, it's time to pull the taller scarf, close them lower half of the face, which, incidentally, also reduces the likelihood of occurrence of headaches.However, scarves and collars under the throat should not strongly swift neck, otherwise you risk to pinch the neck vessels, breaking the blood flow to the brain.This also triggers a headache.But the cap is allowed to sit tight on the head, it is important that the skin does not remain traces of headgear.Pick up it should be precisely on this principle.

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