15 August

Mothers note: childhood diseases

Measles, chickenpox, rubella - quite common infections, which in children's groups spread very quickly.As the time to suspect that something was wrong and what to do if you failed to protect your baby from the virus.

Chickenpox Chickenpox

- widespread childhood illness.Its causative agent belongs to the group of herpes DNA viruses that cause chicken pox and shingles.The disease is transmitted by droplet infection and can spread over long distances.However, the transmission of infection is also possible from a pregnant mother to the future of the crumbs, which can lead to intrauterine fetal loss.However, this infection is rare.

Typically, chickenpox begins suddenly with a small rise in temperature, loss of appetite, general malaise.Then, on the head and body (and sometimes on the mucous membranes) baby appears more red nodules.they turn into blisters very quickly.Life is such a bubble short-lived: on the second day of its contents become cloudy, the surface is wrinkled and covered with a crust begins

.Days 7-8 crusts dry up and fall off.However, in the child's body can be simultaneously present and spots and vesicles, and crusts as rash appears repeatedly within 4-5 days of disease.In general, favorable outlook for the flow of the disease.However, the younger the child, the higher his risk of complications (pneumonia, encephalitis, myocarditis, hepatitis, conjunctivitis).

# disturbs skin itch of chickenpox child.Do not let the baby combed bubbles - in the wound infection can get!Because of this, the skin may remain traces of a lifetime.

# Keep nails baby was cut short, and often wash his hands with soap and water.

# daily change underwear baby.

# Lubricate the wound with a weak solution of potassium permanganate (potassium permanganate) or alcoholic solution of brilliant green (green stuff).


disease begins with redness of the eye, a cold and low temperatures.Then the pink rash appears.At first she emerges on the face and then spreads quickly throughout the body.Baby can also complain about a small itch.In addition, behind ears, back of the head and neck palpated dense balls enlarged lymph nodes (do not worry - a week later everything returns to normal).Already on the third day of the rash fades.A few days later disappears, spots on the skin does not remain.And the smaller the child, the easier it flows from him this disease.Rubella respond well to treatment.

But for expectant mothers rubella virus is dangerous.Intrauterine infection of the fetus during the first 3 months of pregnancy can lead to serious defects development of the child, and sometimes - to spontaneous abortion and stillbirth.If a woman has picked up the virus in late pregnancy, after the birth of the baby to go through long-term treatment.

# Within 4-5 days the baby has to comply with bed rest.

# Prepare for the baby more drinking (juice, diluted juice).

# Watch out for his diet.It should be milky plant, enriched with vitamins.


most common viral infection in children under 5 years.Transmitted mainly by airborne droplets.If my mother had been ill with measles, baby gets immunity from the disease.

measles incubation period is 6-12 days.Then, the child appears runny, fever (sometimes up to 39-40,5 ° C) develops photophobia, watery eyes and blush, growing painful cough (lasting 3-5 days).On the mucous membrane of the cheeks and throat occur Koplik spots.Koplik spots - a greyish-white spots the size of a grain of sand, surrounded by a reddish rim (similar to semolina).Within 12-18 hours after the appearance of stains usually disappear.

Next rash spread throughout the body.Within 24 hours of the rash quickly covers the entire face, neck, hands and upper chest, and then - back, stomach, legs.The rash fades and disappears in about 2 days.In severe cases, antibiotic therapy is appointed.

# kid, measles, should comply with bed rest.Darken the room so that the light is not irritating to the eyes.

# ventilate the room more often.

# To alleviate cough can give the baby warm milk with soda, mineral water, cranberry juice, and broth hips.

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