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Meteodependent .Herbal medicine and diet at elevated meteosensitivity

Oh the vagaries of the weather!Not only patients, but also relatively healthy people complain of feeling unwell at sharp differences in atmospheric pressure and temperature.But, alas, change the weather, we can not, but think about how you can maximize adapt to weather changes, we can.

So, what is the impact of dangerous sudden changes in temperature and atmospheric pressure on the body?On the external adverse conditions respond particularly blood vessels of the body and especially the brain vessels.That is why even relatively healthy people often complain of headaches, dizziness, general weakness.For those who are more meteochuvstvitelen, feeling can be even harder: there may be problems with vision, when during an attack the person feels a strong ripples in the eyes, and then there is a severe headache, from which simply have nowhere to go.It feels as if the head of dynamite, and all the vessels of the head as if electrified.

more dangerous such sostoyaniya- stroke, paralysis, partial loss of vision

- what else can be worse for a man?

That is why people who have such attacks are often at the whims of weather, you should think very seriously about their health.

First of all, you must be examined by a doctor and do all his orders.It should also once and for all say goodbye to bad habits.Remember that nicotine thins the blood vessels, making them more fragile and brittle, which significantly aggravates their condition and increases the risk of serious consequences.Some people mistakenly believe that alcohol on holidays and weekends substantial harm will not bring.Meanwhile, ethyl alcohol is contained even in a low-alcohol beverages, ensures that the red blood cells lose their negative charge, no longer repel each other and stick together like, which in turn leads to disruption of blood flow, especially in the capillaries.It is also one of the risk factors.

What else can affect poor health?Of course, poor diet - the abuse of sharp, smoked, fatty, fried food.Such food leads to the formation on the internal walls of the blood vessels of atherosclerotic plaques, i.e.the development of atherosclerosis.Therefore, in this situation, it is very important to observe the diet.

not only patients, but also relatively healthy people are recommended products, which contain substances that output from the body cholesterol and prevent the formation of cholesterol plaques on the inner walls of blood vessels.

Especially useful products such as seaweed, vegetable oil, vegetables should be given preference squash and pumpkin.Try to cook exclusively on vegetable oil, be sure to include in your diet laminaria.Vegetable oils contain unsaturated unsaturated fatty acids, which prevent the development of atherosclerosis.The same effect has and seaweed.

Squash and pumpkin normalize metabolism, is removed from the body cholesterol, these foods can be cooked a lot of delicious dishes.

Speaking about vegetables, do not forget about beets.This is quite surprising root - has a hypotensive action (lowers the pressure in the vessels), and in addition, dissolves thrombi, i.e.It purifies the blood vessels from clots.How important is it - do not say.Eat beets in food can be in any form, and the more the better.People who are prone to spasms of blood vessels, preferably in the morning there is a dish:

- in the evening soak in cold boiled water 2 tablespoons of buckwheat morning soak for half an hour 1 tablespoon of oatmeal, mix buckwheat oatmeal, add some dried fruit (raisins, prunes, dried apricots), 2 teaspoons of honey and eat it all washed down with warm boiled water.Next meal no earlier than 4 hours, the composition of vegetarian.More food, as usual.

But if you're still there, "first signs", iesymptoms of cerebral vasospasm in adverse climatic conditions, take it very seriously, change your lifestyle, try to walk more at night (instead of a long night of sitting in front of TV), give up bad habits, eat well.

course not do without herbal medicine.Correctly composed of herbs collection in conjunction with the above recommendations, of course, it will be very useful.

begin with cerebrovascular disease.First of all, take the ingredients that strengthen the walls of blood vessels.Do not forget to include herbs that improve the microcirculation: horsetail, hops ordinary.Remember also that the blood supply to the retina of the eye disorder can lead to irreversible consequences, so be sure to take the plants, improves trophic eyes leaf blueberry, fruit black chokeberry (Aronia).Of course we can not do without hemolytic, ie components, preventing the formation of blood clots:.. Yellow sweet clover.Be sure to take the plants with protivoskleroticheskim action: birch leaves, horsetail, leaves of bilberry.Finally, do not forget about herbs cleaning properties, ie,excretes toxins, toxins, salts: red clover, horsetail, birch leaf, thyme.You can also include mild sedatives, anti-anxiety agents: thyme, hops, motherwort.Do not leave unattended plants with antispasmodic effect, ie eliminate spasm of vessels:.. Plantain, sage, chamomile, thyme.

As you could notice, medicinal plants, tend to have not one but several medicinal properties.Here, exemplary embodiments of such fees.

Collection number 1

1. Horsetail (herb) - 3 parts

2. St. John's wort - 2 parts

3. Blueberries sylvestris (leaf) - 2 parts

4. Donnik yellow (grass) -3 parts

5. thyme (creeping thyme) - 2 parts

6. red Clover (flowers) - 1 part

7. Plantain (leaf) - 3 parts

Collection number 2

1. Hops ordinary(bumps) - 2 parts

2. Camomile (flowers) - 2 parts

3. Donnik yellow (grass) - part 3

4. Motherwort heart (herb) - 2 parts

5. Salvia officinalis (herb) - 1 part

6. Horsetail (herb) - 3 parts

7. black chokeberry - (chokeberry), (fruit) - 2 parts

method of use: all the grass in the collection mix well, take 2 tablespoonscollection pour 0.5 liters of boiling water, to insist, wrapped, 1,5-2 hours, strain, it is the norm for two days.In the day to drink 1 cup of broth for 3-4 hours for 15-20 minutes before meals.The broth is stored in the refrigerator.The course of treatment - 5-6 weeks.In the acute phase, ie,during spasms caused by adverse weather conditions, it is possible to take a decoction of the collection of herbs, which is composed of components having antispasmodic action, calming, diuretic (series, horsetail, birch).

Examples of such property charges.

Collection number 1

1. Common Horsetail (herb) - 3 parts

2. Plantain (leaf) - 2 parts

3. Salvia officinalis (grass) - 1 part

4. Motherwort heart (grass) - 2 parts

5. A series of tripartite (herb) - 2 parts

Collection number 2

1. Birch (leaf) - 3 parts

2. common Horsetail - 2 parts

3. Cumin ordinary (seeds) - 1 part

4. Thyme (herb) - 2 parts

5. Camomile (flowers) - 3 parts

method of use: 2 tablespoons collection pour 1 cup boiling water, leave, wrapped, inwithin an hour, drain.Drink 0.5 cups of broth, 1,5-2 hours to drink the rest of the broth.Repeat if necessary.

Herbal Treatment should be courses - twice a year, in spring and autumn, course duration - 5 weeks.

Separately - recommendations for people with high blood pressure.can be used in relation to nutritional advice all the same as mentioned above.

Because herbs can recommend some that are not only lower blood pressure, but also have a sedative, that is,calming effect.It may be advisable, for example, such charges:

Collection number 1

- meadowsweet - 3 parts

- Motherwort heart - 3 parts

- Horsetail - 2 parts

- Waybread - 2 parts

-Sweet clover yellow - 2 parts

Collection number 2

- Hops ordinary - 2 parts

- meadowsweet - 3 parts

- Chamomile - 1 part

- A series of tripartite - 2 parts

- thyme (thymerepens) - 2 parts.

2 tablespoons collection pour 1 cup boiling water, leave, wrapped, half an hour, strain and drink half a cup of broth, lie down on the cushions 3, to the soles of the feet to put a hot water bottle.After half an hour to drink the rest of the broth.Within hours, the pressure is normalized.Such procedures can be performed at a sharp jump in blood pressure caused by the vagaries of weather.

When vascular spasm good help is quite simple massage techniques.

Place the palms on the forehead and work out alternate stroking his forehead with both hands.

Place the fingertips on the temporal hollows and spend light rubbing clockwise.Such grinding work out base of the palm.The pads of the fingers do light tapping in the direction from front to back, as well as from the middle of the crown on each side down.Even such simple techniques to help relieve tension and prevent unwanted vascular response to atmospheric fluctuations.

no doubt useful and water treatments (eg, contrast dousing parts of the body), which should be carried out after consulting with a doctor.Thus there is a kind of exercise of the blood vessels, increasing their resistance to unfavorable factors.

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