12 August

Willow-herb ( Epilobium ) in recipes of traditional medicine

In the old days in Russia, willow-herb, or willow-herb was one of the most popular medicinal plants.Since willow-tea is also an excellent honey plant, and kipreyny honey - one of healing, to pay him the eyes and healers, herbalists and healers-apiterapevt, to heal the sick with the help of bees and bee products.

Ivan or fireweed tea it manifested itself so beneficial to health, and cooked out of it so tasty tea is obtained, which has gained wide recognition not only in Russia.Suffice it to say that Koporye tea was one of the leading export products of pre-revolutionary Russia, comparable in terms of supply from hemp and honey.

its name, this tea has received from Koporje village that near St. Petersburg.It was there that Russian peasants have developed a technology to produce medicinal drink.He first appeared in the huts of the poor peasants, and then to kipreyny addicted to tea and propertied sections of the population.Willow-herb, or willow-herb, and walked into the food: for this purpose the young


Perhaps there is no such corner in Russia, which would not grow this plant, and in large quantities.An exception may be except the Far North.This situation confuses many: some believe that medicinal plants can not grow so abundantly.Many people have heard something about the Willow-herb, or willow-herb, used for medicinal purposes is not the kind of fireweed, not narrow-leaved willow herb, and melkotsvetkovy and even willow marsh.German physicians methods of instrumental analysis showed that the healing properties, it has a narrow-leaved willow herb, and even Moscow scientists have identified a substance pharmacologically active against prostate adenoma, and called it "hanerol".Unfortunately, the further theoretical developments did not get, but it has been proved once again that it has healing properties willow-herb, that is, fireweed narrow-leaved.

The vast majority of people are aware of willow-herb, or willow, as they say, in the face.Several characteristics of fireweed narrow-leaved.Cyprus angustifolia does not like waterlogged terrain, he prefers to grow in open areas clarified.Fresh forest felling is mainly overgrown with willow-tea.He loves willow-herb forest burning, peat areas, slopes of railways, what vacationers every summer be sure, looking in the windows of trains on the "glowing pink flames" willow-herb, which grows large masses.He blooms for 2-3 weeks in June, and then the seeds ripen, let down, and it is the expanse of plants, as if dressed with cotton.Medical raw materials are taken to harvest the future, when they start to ripen the lower flowers, just about ready to throw out the fluff.

How useful willow-herb, or willow?First of all, it is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent.This plant is ahead of such recognized leaders as willow bark, bark oak, bearberry ... With its "arsenal" of up to 15 percent of mucus, willow-herb has been used successfully in the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, successfully healing the gastritis, colitis, ulcersstomach.With a pronounced calming effect, Cyprus angustifolia is used as a sedative and soporific as it was used in Russia from time immemorial.Also it has long been considered a male willow-herb grass.Because for preventive and curative powers in the treatment of male diseases - prostatitis and BPH - he has no equal.

Now about the practical side of the issue.It is best willow-herb, or willow-herb used as Koporsky tea.Tell us how to cook it, starting with the procurement of raw materials and its preparation to the final stage, after which you just need to make tea with boiling water.

First of all, it is necessary to competently carry out the fermentation of raw materials, which resulted in the plant enzymes are moving from a passive to an active form.Referring to the classical experience Koporskaya peasants.Ivan-tea are harvested by breaking flower brush 30-40 centimeters long.The torn brush or willow-herb fireweed can be like flowers and leaves of the plant.

Plucked flower brush spread out on the floor in a layer of 4-5 centimeters and twisted into a roll, like a carpet, with a roll crimped with a significant effort to plant partially allocated juice.Twisted roll left to lie on the night, covered with a damp burlap.At this time, and fermentation takes place, the raw material will "burn", ie to heat up like wet hay in the haystack.Then roll unfolded and again spread out a layer of 4-5 cm for partial drying, to be exact - for podvyalivaniya.The last operation was carried out with a view to removing the outer and inner part of the humidity.At the final stage of slightly dried raw material was dried in a hot oven, and then Russian triturated hands.

resulting tea, despite the fact that the plants were subjected to heat treatment, must necessarily be a green color.At a time when the Russian furnace becomes a museum piece, the raw material can be dried in a gas oven at 120 degrees.If you do not need large amounts, enough to carry out the fermentation in a plywood box, such as parcels, covering it with a damp cloth.Personally, I tried to put the harvested flower brush or willow-herb fireweed in a plastic bag, pre obmyat them to the wet state, tied him and left in the sun, covered from direct sunlight.Otherwise, the leaves turn yellow, and to remedy the situation will be impossible.In field conditions, many tear flower brush and scroll it between your hands as did our ancestors, producing fire.The main thing that flower brush, letting the juice, have become somewhat wet.Well, and then - as indicated above.

Keep cooked tea should be in the dense paper bags or packages of not more than two years.

can try to improve the technology of preparation of tea, adding the final stage in the hands rubbed raw meadowsweet flower.Harvest meadowsweet - popularly her name meadowsweet - you need at the beginning of the flowering phase, and at a time when the flowers in the hand has not yet blossomed, and have the form of small balls.Drying should be in the shade on a light draft.Raw floral brush smell very strongly and once stifling but a dried smell of meadowsweet thin, fragrant.That as hay: raw, it has a specific and not very pleasant smell, and dried - like a balm, breathe that seem impossible.

aroma of meadowsweet flowers added to the ready-made willow-herb, gives it an original taste and smell, making it even more attractive.But it is not only to improve the taste and smell: flowers of meadowsweet improve and the healing properties of willow-herb.There are strong anti-inflammatory properties of meadowsweet, especially relevant for respiratory diseases.In addition, meadowsweet in Russia is always used in arthritic diseases and rheumatism.Finally, meadowsweet flowers beneficial effect on cerebral blood vessels, expanding them.The last factor allows it to be used for violations of cerebral circulation, especially in the pre- and post-stroke periods.By the ability to activate the cerebral circulation meadowsweet flowers in 2-3 times higher than advertised overseas ginkgo biloba.

many years of experience in the application Koporsky tea, meadowsweet flowers reinforced constantly gives good results.This meadowsweet has a strong diaphoretic, so after taking 1-2 hours should not go out.

Use Koporye tea can be in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, respiratory system.But especially recommend the use of willow-herb in prostatitis and prostate adenoma.No, this tool is not a panacea.To be treated it is necessary to systematically and continuously.His bioactive components it prevents the degeneration of prostate adenoma in its cancerous state.Recommend Koporye drink tea as a family and as a preventive tool, given its ability to enhance the body's defenses.And on the antioxidant properties of willow-herb it is one of the leaders among the medicinal plants.

If fans of herbal medicine use one Koporsky tea seem insufficient or drink is not quite suit the individual characteristics of your body, we can recommend the collection based on the willow-herb, but with the addition of other plant components.For example, flowers or willow-herb fireweed - 5 parts, horsetail herb - 3 parts, the roots of nettle - 2 parts, flowers, golden rod (goldenrod) - 3 parts.Brew need the rate of 1 teaspoon to 1 cup of boiling water, followed by infusion for 10-15 minutes.Drink 1 glass 3 times a day, preferably not sweetening.By the way, you get used to it quickly.To enhance the healing properties you can add just a pinch of meadowsweet flowers.As you can see, in the assembly there is no deficit for the central strip Russian plants.


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