12 August

Mothers note.If the child is frequently ill

If preschool is often sick, then maybe he just have to sit out this time at home and not go to kindergarten.It is clear that if there are grandparents, you can hold the baby for a while at home and allow immunity to fully recover.But if this is not possible, take measures to strengthen the nervous and immune systems.

Strengthening the nervous system of children

fate of ill children - very sensitive nervous system, thus strengthening the immune system must begin with the strengthening of small children nerves.

Lay your baby to sleep in the same hours in the evening and during the day, and do not depart from the regime, when you output.Daytime sleep a child needs!It is proved that the brain during sleep is developing very rapidly, and the child grows in a dream, and the nerves of his dream strengthened.And even if the baby does not fall asleep (well, not a robot, he: disabled - sleeps included - woke up), let them just lie down in bed, and you will sit side by side.It is important not to tire and not

to bring children.Avoid watching television screaming, but instead better to take a walk with the baby.

baths and wiping

Previously, our grandmothers bathed children in broth succession, so that they calm down before bedtime.But some kids for some reason do not like baths.Then you can wipe the baby waffle towel, generously soaked in warm water to which you can add a glass of herbal decoction or fir succession.And you can buy in a drugstore ready pine extract, dry grass - Leonurus, St. John's wort,


whole (! Very useful), the procedure is as follows: the child is in the bath, and my mother wipes it from the top down, horizontally, from neck to toe.Good to walk in the footsteps of a towel.You can moisten his hand a little baby hairs to rubdown and wash his face.The main thing is the water in the towel should be plenty.It is essential that it dripped down the body baby.After about the third wiping the water in the tub will be cooler.Furthermore, contact with air, water, anyway, it is cooled.That is the effect of tempering.In addition, such sponging calms the nervous system and strengthens the muscles.Wiping must end by grinding.Rub the baby tightly, dry, dry, and strongly rough towel.Wiping should be done at least 3 - 4 minutes, the water should be warm, but not hot.It is an ancient method of hardening cleanses the skin, provides deep sleep at night and in the morning helps to cope with daily stress.

on clothes

Weakened children often sweat profusely, especially during sleep.Therefore, they can not be much perekutyvat and supercool.

sleep should be at a temperature of 18-20 degrees.The apartment must be ventilated, heaters are turned off.Child put a shirt with long sleeves, tights, socks.That boys and girls will approach something long, to toe.Kids because "live bottom", and on the floor is always cool.Long the hem keeps the air and warms.It is better to wear normal child, you can create a greenhouse in the apartment, which came out on the street, kid gets sick.But in general need a lot of walking.The more time a child spends in the street, the less he is ill.

quenched children, they will be less sick.

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