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Treatment of diathesis in a child folk remedies

According to WHO statistics, more than 70% of children in early childhood are suffering from this disease.This is not a disease, not a diagnosis.Diathesis - special condition characterized by a genetic predisposition to the child's response to allergic reactions to the action of the usual factors.External manifestations diathesis often look scary for parents and deliver a lot of trouble baby.

How to get rid of the diathesis, how to ease a painful condition of the young allergy without quite unsafe for the little organism antihistamine of drugs?

diathesis Treatment of folk remedies

When a diathesis at the child, treatment of folk remedies is an absolute alternative to drugs.

Verified centuries folk recipes allow without fear about the possible side effects of the natural ingredients used for the treatment of a diathesis.

However, please know that it is impossible to cure a diathesis.Genetic predisposition to unusual reactions to ordinary stimuli inherited.But with the external manifestations of a

diathesis - redness of the cheeks, the formation of red rough to the touch spots throughout the body, or worse oozing sores and inflamed - traditional medicine to cope with a bang.Using folk remedies, it is possible to eliminate the inflammation of skin allergic nature in the form of atopic dermatitis.

The main task of the parents at the time of treatment - to isolate the child from all kinds of allergens and to create comfortable living conditions to further reduce the likelihood of recurrence of this most unpleasant phenomenon.

There are many ways to treat diathesis with indoor and outdoor folk medicines.Today, the most effective in the diathesis in children include the following components and recipes.

Recipes for external use

must begin When the first symptoms of the diathesis in a child treated with folk remedies immediately.

Herbal bath quickly soothe irritated skin baby podsushat wounds, accelerate the regeneration of damaged cells and thus for a few days, get rid of a diathesis.Additionally, you can lubricate the inflamed areas of skin specially prepared ointments.

Therapeutic baths from diathesis

Bathing baby in clean water at a temperature of 36-38 ° with the addition of herbal eliminate unpleasant skin rashes in a few days.Duration of treatment - 10-20 minutes frequency - twice a day.Recipes for infusions

bath - alternating (. 4 tablespoons), pour 1 liter of boiling water.Grass insist 12 hours, and add to the bath.

- Take 5-6 medium-sized peeled potatoes, grate and drop into boiling water prepared in advance (5 liters).Thoroughly mix and insist 15 minutes.The solution filter, dilute with warm water and bathe the baby 3-5 consecutive days once a day.

- 3 pieces of birch leaves and marjoram, 5 parts of nettle leaves, grass Potentilla, succession, lungwort.Fill with water collection and insist 5 hours.

- 5 parts of rhizomes of couch grass, chamomile herbs knotweed, 2 parts herb thyme and 3 of the currant leaves.

- 2 parts marjoram, 5 parts of nettle leaves, 4 parts of chamomile and grass succession, 3 parts of knotweed grass, thyme and horsetail.

After healing baths of the child should be carefully blot with a clean towel.

Healing ointment for diathesis

When pronounced manifestations of diathesis in a child treated with folk remedies in the form of ointments accelerate the healing process of wounds moist.


- You will need 50 grams of fat interior swine, fly medical and spruce resin, 30 g of propolis and one egg (home).Melt together the resin, wax and tar, fat separately.All mix and allowed to cool to room temperature.Gradually introduce churned egg, stir until smooth.The resulting oily mass is applied on the affected areas of the body with a thin layer three times a day.

- Mix 4 tablespoons of cream tea (children) and 2 teaspoons of oil fir.The resulting mixture lubricate sore spots.

- sea buckthorn oil in the bottle (50 ml) was added 30 drops of brilliant green (green stuff), shaken, and twice a day we put on the sore place.

prescription drugs for internal use

- cooked egg shell is detachable from the inner film, dried at ambient temperature and ground to powder.Babies give drug mixed with lemon juice.A child from 6 months to 1 year will be enough to give an egg shell on a knife tip, lemon juice - 4-5 drops.Children aged 1-2 years double dose, and more than two years - triple.Take egg shells per day once for three months.

- in equal proportions take fresh cabbage, dill and parsley.Fill a small amount of water and cook 10 minutes over low heat.Child need to constantly drink small amounts of broth 3-5 days.

- grind 2 tablespoons.l.calamus root, pour 200 ml of water and boil 15 minutes.Ostuzhennoy mixture strain, top up the water that was full glass.A decoction is given to children after meals three times a day for 1 teaspoon.

Diet for diathesis

Deposit effectiveness of treatment of a diathesis - is, above all, the elimination of the allergen - the culprit of allergic dermatitis.If parents know what might cause allergies in the child, they should avoid contact with the irritant in the future.If they do not know what is acting as an allergen, it is necessary to exclude from the diet of crumbs vysokoallergennye products that can cause diathesis: citrus fruits, bananas, chocolate, fresh milk, red vegetables and fruits, foods with flavorings, colorings, flavorings, preservatives.

Power must necessarily correspond to the age of the baby and the ability of the digestive system to digest food.The kid has laid cereals, dairy products, fruits and vegetables, lean meat, greens.The use of large volumes of fluid (compote of dried fruits, weak green tea, non-carbonated water) will speed up the healing process.

child breastfeeding should limit the lure, and the mother need to go on a diet.

Do not be alarmed if your crumbs began diathesis.In most cases, to the improvement of digestive processes, it disappears and is no longer evident.

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