12 August

Healthy sound sleep

Healthy sleep - an important part of everyone's life.How nice sweet stretch, yawn and curled up under a blanket comfortable, to go into the kingdom of Morpheus.But what is really necessary for healthy sleep?Here are some rules for healthy deep sleep.

# The bedroom must be fresh air.Whether you aired the room before going to bed or leave the window.The main thing - not to make drafts, otherwise instead of a pleasant dream to catch a cold.

# The feet should be warm.Wear socks at night or before bedtime soak feet in warm water.You can also use a heating pad.

# Light.Desirably, the room was as little glare.Take care of the dense night curtains or blinds.The fact that the night produced 70% of the daily amount of melatonin - a hormone that protects us against stress and premature aging, cold and even cancer.hormone production begins to grow dusk, reaches from 0.00 to 4.00 am and from dawn falls.In the light of melatonin in the body is practically not produced.

# melatonin production increases magnesium (

it is contained in lettuce, dill, parsley, hazelnuts) and B vitamins (dried apricots, sunflower seeds, whole grain wheat, carrots, soy lentils).Sleeping pills have bananas.But if you have increased blood clotting or thrombosis there, do not get involved with them.

# The mattress should be firm measure - it's good for the spine.In addition, the bed should be wide enough, especially if you sleep on it two.Try to get used to sleep on a low pillow.In no case can use a large pillow stuffed with feathers tightly.This neck is always in an unnaturally bent position, which can lead to headaches and back problems.

# hearty dinner will prevent sleep and you tossed all night.In no case do not drink tonics.If dinner was not enough, drink a glass of kefir or eat any fruit.Do not smoke before going to sleep.Before going to bed is useful to inhale the essential oil of valerian or lavender.You can also put a pillow under the small bag of hops, thyme, mint, oregano or birch leaves.Their fragrance is soothing and helps to sleep.

# Take things you love, at least for half an hour.Watch TV, read a book, listen to music and just relax.Forget the unpleasant aspects of the past day and immerse yourself in the cozy atmosphere of his home.After a quiet conscience - this is the best hypnotic, - reads the ancient aphorism.

# If possible, do not solve family problems at night, it is not conducive to healthy sleep.

# adopted bath before bedtime can promote healthy sleep.But it must be done in advance, so you can cool off after a bath.Take a warm bath with the addition of aromatic oils.Use only oils that soothe and relax the body.You can relax in the bath with pine extract and sea salt.The water temperature should not exceed 37 ° C, and the duration of the treatment - 10-15 minutes.

# Going to bed preferably not later than 23 hours.If not, then try to sleep between 2 and 4 o'clock in the morning.At this time, the most sound sleep.If you feel that the dream does not come to bed and did not want to - do not sleep.Take care of some business, read, and work as long as drowsiness appears.There is nothing wrong, because the body itself knows the limit of your strength.1-2 early awakening, and in the evening you will feel like you are sleepy.

# Drink before bedtime glass of warm milk or warm water with honey.Most then sleep like babies.

# There is such a wonderful tool - sleepy grass.If you suffer from insomnia due to stress, use the following recipe with no side effect.

- 1 tablespoon of herbs whelk (other names: ariska, Shiksha, black grass) pour 0,5 liters of water, simmer on very low heat for 6-7 minutes.Drink warm decoction 2-3 sips of 5 - 7 times during the day.Sleep is restored in less than a week.

- 2 tablespoons fennel seeds pour 0.5 liters.wine "Cahors" and cook for 15-20 minutes on low heat, then let it brew, wrapped, for an hour.Take 2 tablespoons at bedtime.

- decoction of hops.2 teaspoons of hop cones pour 1 cup boiling water.Insist, wrapped, for 4 hours.Strain and drink 1 glass of broth overnight.

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