12 August

Stuttering in children : causes, treatment

Stuttering in children - a violation of tempo, rhythm, fluency, that is associated with muscle spasms of the vocal apparatus.Clinically evident stuttering involuntary interruption of speech, the dismemberment of words into syllables, sounds, forced repetition of words or parts of them many times.Experts define stuttering as a symptom or form of speech motor system neurosis and pathology note polymorphism.

Most often stuttering initially develops in young children (2-5 years), ie at the time of formation of speech skills, the transition of the child from short, staccato speech to the more developed, phrase.Up to 2% of preschool children and 1.5% of adults suffer from symptoms of stuttering, and the kids have a good chance to get rid of this disease with age.

Stuttering in children: Causes

In most cases, a prerequisite to the development of stuttering becomes strong mental tension, trauma, stress, fear or defeat nervous system as a result of the transfer of infectious disease (eg, meningitis, en

cephalitis).In addition, the cause of stuttering may:

  • handedness (according to some reports, at the left-handed children more likely to develop stuttering), as well as strict measures to re-handers towards right-handedness;
  • too complicated it people around the child and his desire to imitate adults.

Any reason can cause dysregulation of the mechanisms of speech.But not every child, even when a combination of several species of pathogenic influence predisposition to stuttering.

risk factors are:

  • congenital neuro-psychiatric illness on background CNS and the brain, including those arising from the effects of adverse conditions of exposure to the fetus during pregnancy, childbirth;
  • autonomic disorders ;
  • nervousness as a feature of the nature of the child;
  • frequent night fears;
  • passion for video games and other means, can adversely affect the nervous system of children;
  • presence of family history of stuttering ;
  • poor living conditions ;
  • violation mode of the day, rest.

What is the danger of stuttering in children?

Many parents say the so-called "period predzaikaniya" in which a child falls silent and does not speak at all.This time lasts from a few hours to a day, and usually at the end of this time, the baby begins to speak with a clear voice has a defect.

most favorable period for the treatment of the problem is age 2-4 years .Later stuttering experience increases, the needs and the child's outlook on life changed, so the treatment can be very difficult.

Need to get rid of the problem at an early age due to the fact that the speech disorders involve severe psychological consequences that hinder the construction of a normal life, promote the development of systems to inhibit the child as a person.Most often, children who stutter are closed, taciturn, they have few friends, they do not adapt to new situations.Therefore, in order to avoid depression, nervous breakdowns, zakompleksovannosti and difficulties with school, work, family and should be treated stuttering start it right after the detection.

Stuttering in children: treatment

There are many techniques that allow it to restore a normal child.It is best to use them in combination.Prior to the serious and long-term work should be carefully examine the patient, to interview parents about the characteristics of living, behavior, family relationships, etc.

Main direction treatment of stuttering:

1. Classes with a speech therapist. specialist for the course or several courses 10-30 lessons a child instills skills fluent speech, teaching him to pick up speech tempo, rhythm, and tone of voice.During the classes the psychological tension is eliminated, with the help of didactic material and communication conditions are created for the high interest of the child.

2. sessions with a psychologist. often require child stuttering which was the result of severe trauma.

3. Breathing exercises. exercises not only help the child to relax, but also to teach proper breathing techniques that promote the normalization of smooth speech turn.

4. Medication. shown children who stutter develops as a result of congenital, acquired neurological abnormalities (such as organic CNS lesions, and functional).

5. Computer simulators. There are many special programs that simulate speech therapy classes.They are recommended as an additional method of treatment of stuttering.

6. To relieve stress and nervous tension assigned massage, reflexology, physiotherapy , exercise, hypnosis.

recommendations to eliminate stuttering in

home treatment to bring more effective, consider some tips:

1. Strictly abide by sleep and waking the baby.Young children need enough sleep.

2. Eliminating child watching TV before going to bed, keep the overall time that the baby spends in front of the screen.

3. Ensure the correct posture of the child and his posture during a call.Do not allow him to look askance, which can sometimes gently hold the chin, form the correct posture.It is necessary to teach the child to look at the other person's eyes, do not hesitate.

4. If necessary, give the child sedatives before sleep using essential aromatic oils for massages, baths and aromatherapy.

5. Eliminate all quarrels, conflicts, noise and swearing in the presence of a child.

6. Most praise, encourage the baby, show him your care and love.

7. Adults should only speak correctly, slowly, smoothly and quietly.Children quickly "seize" imitation of adult speech skills.

8. Practice used a speech therapist and speech technology at home and regularly with the child breathing exercises.

9. quenched child longer walk with him, promptly treat any disease.

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