12 August

student to keep health

Education in the school - this is a very important period in the life of every child.It was his personality is formed and hardened character, then he is the first friends sets itself new goals and to acquire the necessary knowledge.However, the school child waiting, not only to meet new people, fun and interesting pastime.There it is exposed to a variety of diseases, which may adversely affect his health and further training.

One of the most common diseases among school children is the common cold.It is an infectious disease that is transmitted by airborne droplets, so you can catch them for a few seconds.Given the fact that a group of children are in the same clock indoors, the risk increases several times.

cope with this problem in several ways.First and foremost, teachers and parents must isolate the sick child from others, noticing the first signs of a cold.In addition, to protect the child's body from possible viral diseases and at the same time to strengthen it is necessary to pay attention to t

empering.Since childhood accustom the baby to water procedures, write it in the sports section, more often with him in the open air, in short, do everything in your power to strengthen the immune system of the child.

However, the common cold - is not the only danger lies in wait for students.A frequent companion of students is gastritis.This is due to the fact that the child's diet since the beginning of the learning process is broken.Despite the fact that school canteens provide an opportunity to fully dinner, hardly a child voluntarily replace tasty muffin on a bowl of soup.To avoid such consequences, explain to your child the importance of timely and, most importantly, proper food intake.Tell us about what a complete meal will provide him a sufficient amount of effort and energy, not only for learning but also for games.If you do not trust school canteens, you can give the child a meal cooked by you, with you.

next problem faced by many children, from an early age - a visual impairment.This happens due to overexertion or child as a result of improper organization of his workplace.If vision problems are associated with heredity, make sure that the school had taken appropriate measures, which will not allow to worsen the child's condition.Houses do everything possible to make the eyes of the child in the classroom as little strained.To do this properly place his desk, equip it with a table lamp and provide a sufficient amount of daylight.

Diseases of the musculoskeletal system, such as scoliosis, are often found in school-age children.The reason for this is the lack of physical activity, as well as improper posture while exercising.To prevent development of the disease can help regular physical activity, not only in physical education classes, but also additional at an inopportune time.In addition, teachers in school and parents at home should ensure that at the time of reading and writing the child is not hunched and stooped, keeping good posture while sitting at a table or desk.

And last, but not least important issue, which affects current students, this neuro-psychiatric disorders caused by improper organization of educational process.This is due to the fact that the education system often makes a difference in the learning process, not taking into account that endurance performance and activity of children is regularly reduced.Large load, constant tension, stress and anxiety left its mark on the child's psyche, resulting in the development of various chronic diseases.

If you want to help your child keep enough health for the learning process, do not neglect the recommendations listed above, and then he can get the maximum benefit from the time spent in school.

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