19 August

Mumps or mumps

What is mumps?

Mumps - an acute viral disease, belonging to the group of childhood infections, along with measles, chickenpox or rubella.In this condition after being hit by the virus in the body, affects nearly all cancer - reproductive and salivary, pancreas and thyroid.Hardest inflamed salivary glands.

usually pig infected by airborne droplets, but found that the disease can be transmitted through household items or toys.

Most often the mumps (mumps) ill children from 5 to 15 years, although the disease observed in adults.

Boys sick pig twice more often than girls, and for boys who are in the age of puberty, the disease is much more dangerous, because of testicular failure can occur at complication.

Symptoms of mumps (mumps)

From two to four weeks of continued incubation period of mumps (mumps).The first symptoms appear after this period.These are: headache, shivering, loss of appetite and general malaise.Then, the temperature can rise to 40 degrees, felt severe pain in the ear.Rising temperat

ures may persist for weeks.

main symptom of mumps - an inflammation of the salivary glands, characterized by excessive salivation.It appears painful swelling of an inflamed gland, which can go on the neck and cause an increase in the cheeks.

Treatment of mumps (mumps)

Vaccination against mumps (mumps) is required in all countries of the world.

Treatment of mumps (mumps) - symptomatic.It must appoint a physician.Usually among the recommendations: bed rest, oral hygiene, various rinsing, dry warm dressing.

Pay attention milk-vegetable diet to prevent the disease of the pancreas.

Complications of mumps Mumps

dangerous complications after the disease.The most dangerous of them: it's pancreatitis - inflammation of the pancreas, and inflammation of the sex glands.As complications after the disease may develop: inflammation of the thyroid gland, as well as the rest of the internal glands in the body.A dangerous complication of mumps can be called the defeat of the nervous system and the development of encephalitis or meningitis.

symptoms of complications of pancreatitis - vomiting, sharp pains in the abdomen, disturbance of a chair.If such signs are required to consult a doctor immediately!

complication on the sex glands and is for boys and girls, and the girls set the diagnosis more difficult.The consequences of such complications - male infertility in men and disorders of the menstrual cycle in women.

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