30 August

First aid in the country .Dacha kit

is difficult to protect themselves in the country of large and small health problems.Therefore, special attention should be paid to the medicine cabinet, which you take with you on dachu.Ne bad it would be to bring your data on all vaccinations-it can make a big difference if you have to seek medical help in case of an injury, bruises, burns, animal bites or.

What medications must be kept in the medicine cabinet?

hydrogen peroxide 3% -s' - for any abrasion, cut, prick of thorns plant must always treat the wound to prevent infection.

Zelenka - to handle open (the wound after hydrogen peroxide).

Iodine - for processing space injury, hematoma, if there is no damage to the skin.

antipyretic - a common tool that you use in the home (this can be a paracetamol syrup, tablets or rectal suppositories).Have better and syrup, and candles (they help naprmer, if a person at a high temperature and vomits it simply can not drink medicine).Do not forget also about the physical methods of reducing body temperature:

rubdown with vodka, a solution of vinegar and water.

Antihistamines (suprastin, tavegil, Claritin, FJNCA-roll, etc.) - they will help in the event of an allergic sypi.Takzhe these drugs can help reduce swelling and relieve itching bites wasps, mosquitoes and other insects.

Analgesic - paracetamol syrup, tablets or suppositories, or other drugs that you use normally

they will help in the case of a headache for other emergencies.

Boric alcohol - if suddenly ill ear, drip 1-2 drops of warm solution, until you get to the doctor.

Activated carbon - in the event of poisoning or diarrhea.

Smecta (or rehydron) - vomiting, diarrhea, high temperature.

Immodium loperamide or - if you have diarrhea, until you get to the doctor.

alcohol or vodka-for medical treatment of wounds, insect bites, for compresses, at a high temperature wiping.

manganese-sour potassium (potassium permanganate) - for gastric lavage for poisoning

vomiting can be given to drink inside the little pink solution

diarrhea - can be used for enemas.

Do not forget blower - for posing an enema, a thermometer, a hot water bottle, cotton, sterile bandage.

And of course the drugs that you use, if you have any chronic diseases.

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