12 August

Mothers note.Strabismus in Children

Many mothers if their child has a squint, concerned above all the problem of the appearance of the baby.However, in reality, this is not the most important thing.In this disease the child is markedly reduced vision and impaired ability to volumetric perception of objects.That is why it is necessary to treat strabismus, and the sooner the luchshe.Sut of this disease is that the eyes of a child taking a position in which their axes do not converge on the subject under consideration, it should be OK.A deflected to the left or right side, or the up or down (but the phenomenon is less common).If squinting eyes turned to his head, squint is considered to be divergent, and if a spout - convergent.

In its origin Strabismus may be congenital - in this case the baby is born with troubled eyes, and acquired, most often in early childhood.

reasons squint a lot, in each case it is necessary to deal individually with the children's ophthalmologist.Some children develop a squint due to the weakness of the eye muscle

s.Or due to hyperopia and myopia: poor kid sees the items placed near or far, so annoying eye that can eventually lead to disease.Sometimes strabismus develops as a result of astigmatism - a violation subject of the image focus on the retina, due to which the child sees everything in a distorted form.

By formation of strabismus can cause neurological diseases and abnormalities, severe stress and psychological trauma of the child.

essential role played by the factor of heredity: if the parents "mow", there is a high probability that their children will face this problem.The cause of congenital strabismus may also serve as the future mother of the disease during pregnancy.

If you notice that your child's eyes "run away", immediately go to the doctor!He will do an exam, will establish the cause, type and degree of strabismus, select the appropriate treatment.

eliminate strabismus in two ways - conservative and surgical.The purpose of medical treatment - improving visual acuity.Sometimes correct myopia correction, hyperopia, astigmatism with glasses allows you to completely get rid of the child from strabismus.Effective is also the method of occlusion - the kid every day on time calculated doctor put on a good eye bandage.Thus, the "squinting", that is weak, eyes trains and becomes stronger.Strengthen eye problem and help special exercises, exercise dates will tell you doctor.In addition, there are special devices that stimulate the visual process, providing a clear visual perception of crumbs.

Yet in most cases require surgical treatment of strabismus.Tactics of surgery depends on the degree of strabismus, angle deviation of the eyes, the child's age and other factors.

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