12 August

Worms , worm infestations - it's dangerous!

What - bot?

Helminthiases - a state of the body during infection with intestinal worms.Medical statistics show that about 70% of children under the age of 14 years are infected with helminths.

same exact data about the adult is not present, but it is only because adults rarely unnecessarily pass tests for worm eggs.And if you like to collect such statistics, the picture would not have been better.

Medicine data has more than 150 species of helminths, which may infest the human body, with about 30 of them are the most widespread.

How dangerous bot?

Many do not believe helminthiasis disease, and it is completely wrong.In fact, many of today's diseases are caused precisely by helminths, and people often do not even suspect to be infected!

helminths found in the gut, causing hemorrhage, swelling, severe abdominal pain, vomiting.But even worse, when the parasites move to other organs, such as pinworms - in the vagina.And if the parasites leave the liver, lungs, eyes or brain, the consequences of the wo

rst, since the demise of the forces and ending blindness, choking, or epilepsy.

If time does not allow to cure worm infestations and disease spread in the body, against the background of helminthiasis other diseases worse, and can seriously undermine the health.

There are many cases where helminth infection led to intestinal obstruction, which can handle only emergency surgery, or even death.

Symptoms of infection with worms

helminthiasis External signs - irritability, sleep disturbance, fatigue, paleness, weight loss, nausea and often disturbing.But this is only the initial signs, and then the state will worsen.

Poor even that is not always tests that we hand for reference at the swimming pool or to visit the child care children, identify infection by helminths.And what can we hide - such certificates easily bought and are often just a formality.

Where and how you can get worms?

Let's start with the simplest - with good hygiene.Someone might say that in the modern world there is no need to remind about it, then why every year a growing number of helminthiasis diseases and other diseases ?!

most often infected with worms can be, if not wash their hands after using the toilet.No less a source of helminth infection often become dirty or poorly washed agricultural products that can be sources of getting into our bodies the larvae of worms - trihotsefaly and ascarids.

great danger is the fish because fish parasites - diphyllobothriasis or broad tapeworm.The parasite may be years in the intestine, leading to anemia.

Opisthorchiasis - worm disease, which can also be a source of fish.Opisthorchiasis symptoms - pain in the right upper quadrant and in the stomach, nausea, heartburn, poor tolerance of fatty foods, high fatigue.

Mosquitoes are also carriers of worms.From infected animals, mosquitoes can infect humans difilyariyami that after the mosquito bite and exposure to the skin can migrate throughout the body.Moreover, finding a comfortable place for themselves, difilyariya worm can grow up to 20 centimeters.

sources of helminth infection can be animals, including household.So watch your favorites and check their condition regularly.

Worms, worm infestations - it's really dangerous, so sure of themselves and especially for their children.Hygiene rules must be unconditional, and they need to instill from an early age.Also, do not belong to the formal delivery of analyzes, better check yourself and your family from time to time, especially if you feel that there helminth infection symptoms.