12 August

First aid in the country .Stop bleeding herbs

to stop bleeding can help many plants.Early spring in the country as a hemostatic and wound-healing agent, you can use the leaves daisies.They are washed and lightly mashed applied to the damaged area.If your site grows goldenrod , and can use it.

So do with leaves of plantain, mother and stepmother, yarrow .Yarrow - the best panacea to stop any bleeding.

In the steppe and mountain areas, where it is difficult to find yarrow, used to stop bleeding thick leaves stonecrops .On one side of the sheet and remove the peel sheet is applied to the wound.

in the forest, where there is no listed plants need to use pulp or spores of fungi raincoats .The inner part of the fungus break if its arms, sterile, and it can be safely applied to the wound surface, moreover, these mushrooms contain substances that act as antibiotics.

In the forest, you can use and leaves lungwort , mash them and apply to the wound.

magnificent dressing, perfectly absorbing the blood and disinfecting the wound is white moss - sphagnum desirable dryish.In the rain, when the moss is very humid, it can overcome much, then apply to the wound.We need to choose a clean moss without extraneous contamination.

House to stop the bleeding it is best to use an aloe leaf or any of the species of Kalanchoe, bryophyllum, can be applied to the wound or leaf spiderwort golden mustache.

With deep wounds these herbs need to add bleach.As usual iodine, they burn, but no less effective.Most likely you have on hand will be the onion and garlic.A piece of sheet or onion mash and apply to the wound.It works well mashed sheet or horseradish root , in extreme cases - mustard leaf, a slice of turnip or a radish root .

Pretty powerful wound-healing action the leaves of an ornamental plant Telecom beautiful, it looks like a nard, but not with oblong leaves, and with heart.They also applied to wounds.

On the road in the woods or on the river disinfecting and wound-healing remedies may replace not only plantain, but also ordinary wormwood .

in the forest, where there is no listed plants can use svezhesodrankoy bark of willow, aspen, pine, oak.Another wet the inside of the piece of bark is applied to the wound and hold until the bleeding stops.This way you can take advantage of winter skiing, when other means at hand there.

very strong wound healing and slightly analgesic effect has celandine .It is particularly effective when blisters.To treat them enjoy the fresh plant juice.Tear off with the tip of the growing branches celandine and lubricate the juice was made by a sore point, then tear just below the twig and so to the bottom of the stem.Initially, the juice burns strongly, but the pain quickly.The wound can be lubricated several times a day until healing is complete.In winter, the juice of celandine can be inhibited.To do this, the juice pressed from the grass poured a very small bottle and allowed to ferment.When the foam is disapproved, the bottle tightly sealed and stored in a dark cool place but not in the refrigerator.Juice spoils in air, so only the bottle is opened for use.

Strong wound-healing effect have leaves mother and stepmother , which is applied as a compress on the wound hardhealed.With the same purpose can be used, and aqueous or oily broth Hypericum and uliginose.The latter appears in the June-July in the beds as a weed.

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