12 August

Mothers note: whether it is necessary to shoot down the temperature in children ?

child sick, fever ... My mother just heart drops when she sees that the mercury had gone for a red dash.And the first thought - how to bring down the temperature?

But do not rush, think about whether it is necessary?After all, an increase in temperature - a protective reaction of the organism.At a temperature of about 38 ° the best produced by lymphocytes and interferon, disastrous for the pathogen.And the old folk remedies, such as hot drinks, wraps, foot bath, in large part because, and help with colds that lead to a warming of the body.So as long as the temperature does not rise above 38 °, it is not necessary to reduce.But

temperature above the child already carries seriously, and we must try to reduce it at least a little.How?It is best to do without medicines.At such a high temperature is not necessary to wrap up the child.On the contrary, clear off his blanket, remove warm jackets, leaving a light shirt or pajamas.And if the temperature is above 39 °, can be removed and a shirt.Do not be afrai

d to catch a cold child - if only in the room was not draft!

"But let us recall once again - the treatment prescribed by a doctor and strongly recommend to always have on hand the phone to your pediatrician!!"

Feel pen and toddler legs.Certainly they are very hot.Wipe them with water at room temperature from the hands to the shoulders and from feet to thighs: when water evaporates, the skin is cooled, and the temperature has dropped.

It also happens - a high temperature, and handles and feet cold.So, the blood vessels are narrowed, and the skin can not properly give warmth.Take alcohol, diluted in half with water and rub the cologne or arms, legs, chest to redness.

If all this did not help, you can give a little bit of fever-reducing medicines.If a child refuses to take the medicine, mix it with sugar, jam or sugar syrup.

However, sometimes jam does not help - on the child refuses medication.Then we'll enter it into the enema.First, do a cleansing enema and only after it will work, drug.Dissolve the drug (same dose) 2-3 tablespoons of boiled water, dial in the smallest canister and enter slowly.The temperature should drop very quickly, the baby feels better.

But recall once again - this is only the first child care!Treatment prescribed by a doctor!And it is suggested to always have on hand the phone to your pediatrician!

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