12 August

Mothers note.Allergies in Children

Allergy very unpleasant and sometimes tolerated quite difficult even for adults, let alone small children.But recently, small allergies becomes more and more.Because of which?

The causes of allergies are many:

- unreasonably frequent use of antibiotics "prophylactically" in pregnant and lactating women, as well as in newborn infants

- eating foods containing large amounts of preservatives, dyes and other chemicals

- irrational introduction of complementary foods

- poor environmental conditions

- the absence of a reasonable approach to vaccination, and more.

The reasons are many, the result is - a failure of the immune system, which is manifested either frequent infectious diseases or allergies, and sometimes by both.

flow allergies in childhood has a number of features.

1. Skin rashes are located mainly in the areas of direct contact with the allergen: cheeks, chin, palmar side of the wrist, and knee and elbow bends.

2. High risk of pyoderma (purulent skin lesions) by the addition of a bac

terial infection.

3. More common cross-allergy: an allergic reaction to one product to provoke intolerance of others, contain potential allergens.

4. Up to three years is rare true allergy usually provoke an immune failure immature digestive system, intestinal dysbiosis, worm infestation, the problem of intra-family relations (parents' anxiety, for example).

5. Infectious process in a child-allergy is often accompanied by a pronounced tendency to swelling of affected tissues and spastic phenomena.These children are more common diagnoses such as constrictive laryngitis (false croup), bronchitis with asthmatic component.

6. However, the main feature of the course allergy in childhood, which gives hope to parents for kids recovery, this reversibility virtually any abnormalities in infants.That is why it is important not to lose precious time, and at the first sign of allergic reactions to contact doctors.

How to treat?The most rewarding age to treat childhood allergies - up to 1 year.The second period, when full recovery is still possible - up to 3 years.And the deadline when therapeutic interventions can significantly improve the immune status of the child, and to normalize its reactivity, - up to 5 years.If this time is missed, treatment should continue, and it can give a good effect, lead to long-term remission, but to achieve a full recovery is rarely possible.

From the foregoing it follows the rules that must be followed for a speedy withdrawal of allergy symptoms in children.

baby's skin - allergy requires very meticulous care.Purchase detergents which do not contain dyes and fragrances, but have labeled "hypoallergenic".Be sure to use a light moisturizer after every bath.Avoid prolonged skin contact with the baby soiled nappies or diapers.If tap water is not artesian, you must wash your baby in boiled water, even if the child is older than one year.Decoction of herbs used with caution: they can cause symptoms of an exacerbation.

When food allergies main medical factor - An elimination (no contact with the allergen) diet.It is necessary to exclude all foods that contain potential allergens: fish dairy products, including sour milk, eggs, wheat, citrus (for at least 2 weeks).Children under 3 years of age, even perfectly healthy, should not eat sausages, canned food and other "adult" food.

important to correctly and timely introduction of complementary foods.The signal for the introduction of complementary foods is the appearance of the first tooth.

If a child is allergic potential, then, while you breastfeed, you should eliminate from your diet nuts, citrus fruits, eggs, chocolate, limit consumption of white bread, cookies.The introduction of complementary foods should be carried out slowly, no more than one product per week, and about the egg is better to forget at least up to a year.

Be alert to a child with allergies during viral diseases, outdoor recreation in the countryside.It is desirable to have in the kit vial prednisolone and a small syringe.Ask your pediatrician what dose you need to enter your child in case of need, based on his weight and age.

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