12 August

Burns .Traditional methods of treatment of burns (first aid )

Burn - tissue damage caused by the action of high temperatures, occur under the influence of flame, hot or molten metal, hot water, steam and chemicals (acids, alkalis, salts of heavy metals), an electric current, solar, X-rays, etc.. In the form of emergency assistance can often be useful herbal drugs proiskhozhdeniya.- burns apply a paste of fresh burdock leaf.
- Grated carrot can also be applied to the sore spot.
- By the burned area applied milled fresh leaves of plantain.
- Helps with burns and compresses of juice a pumpkin.
- is recommended to use the fresh juice of aloe tree, soaking them a gauze bandage and irrigating the wound, as well as fresh grass Knotweed in the form of pulp or juice for lotions.

packs of grated raw potato: clean fresh potatoes, grate.Put on a rag and tie on the sore spot.As soon as the compress warms up, change it.

grind in a meat grinder domestic cabbage leaves in equal proportions with egg white.Applying to the place burns in the form of compresses.
cabbage leaves are boiled in milk and mixed with rye bran.Drink in the form of compresses.

infusion of nettle flowers: 30 grams of flowers of nettle pour one liter of boiling water.Infuse for three hours, strain.Apply topically as a compress.

Apply on the affected places a handful of freshly picked rose petals.Petals periodically change and push the top light, not pressure bandage.

Lotions .Lotions from the flowers of clover: 2-3 tablespoons of dried flowers of red clover scald with boiling water, wrapped in gauze, attach to the sore spot.

lotion is highly fragrant rose hips and mother-and-stepmother quickly relieve the pain of burns, wounds heal without scarring.The infusion has a strong hemostatic effect.

strong brewed tea (black or green), cool to 13-15 ° C.Drizzle this brew burnt places and bandaged them.Constantly wet tea leaves, preventing the dressing dry.Doing so 10-12 days.Lotions of strong tea will remove the pain and redness of sunburn.

decoction of oak bark used length washing wounds and lotions.

Linseed oil mixed with lime water and apply to the site of the burn.

Ointments .
Oil Hypericum : one tablespoon of herb St. John's wort to fill one cup of vegetable oil.Infuse for 14 days, shaking from time to time.Use for the treatment of burns.

Calendula ointment : mix tincture of calendula and Vaseline in the ratio of 1: 2.Use for the treatment of burns.

Ointment for burns : Mix 100 grams of resin spruce, 100 grams of pork suet, 100 grams of beeswax, the mixture boil.Before applying the ointment wound should be washed with lime water (one tablespoon of lime extinguished dissolved in one liter of water), then apply a bandage with ointment prepared.The most severe injuries are cured in three or four dressings.

There are many other folk remedies healing from burns.For example, such.

# Very effective for burns the flesh of pumpkin, which must be put into place the burn.
# also successfully used the ordinary oak bark 40 g of shredded bark pour a glass of boiling water, boil everything on low heat for 6-7 minutes, cool and strain.This decoction is used for lotions.
# wound-healing agent is a fatty seed oil of sea buckthorn.On cleansed of necrotic wound surface, apply a pipette sea buckthorn oil and put a bandage.
# from burns also use honey, infusion leaf common ivy in the form of lotions.Helps and grass veronica dosage: 20 g of dried minced raw pour a glass of boiling water and insist to cool.Infusion used for washing and the local baths.

excellent healing effect on the burned areas have eggs.Boil hard boiled eggs, remove the yolks and overcook them in a dry pan over low heat until a black viscous mass, cool and lubricate the burnt places.

the treatment of burns and effective the following means:

In the old burns were treated as follows: whites and yolks of fresh chicken eggs and whipped it smeared the burnt place, or goose fat, or sea buckthorn oil.

crude yolk put on a hot pan.Yolk burns - is oil, which, as experience shows, is the best remedy for burns.

get burned, it is necessary to immediately stir fresh egg yolk with a tablespoon of butter until thick mayonnaise, apply the mixture on a clean gauze and apply on the affected area.The pain will pass immediately and vckore tightened and the wound.

relieve pain and promote healing "cakes" or dressings with fresh-grated potatoes.

on the sore spot superimposed crushed and mixed with honey stalk of rhubarb.After lubrication of medical content not only passes the pain, but no traces of burns.

You can sprinkle the wound site of ground radish seeds or crushed.

There is another way: fry until yellow buckwheat flour, knead it in the water and lubricate the affected area.

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