12 August

First aid in the country .What if the tick has stuck

Mites are much more dangerous than other insects.Strictly speaking, they are not even insects and arachnids (eight-legged, not six-legged).But actually it does not change - familiarity with this kind may be the most deplorable consequences.

Forest mite is not able to move independently over long distances - sitting on a blade of grass, twig, leaf, he waits, when the potential victim will be in his reach zone - at a distance of outstretched legs.Once this occurs, the tick clings to the skin or clothing, and begins to move through the body, choosing where to cling to him.Settling on vending spot mite plunges his "proboscis" in the skin and gets to subcutaneous blood vessels, from which sucks blood.

And nothing but the tick releases into the wound a large number of saliva, which the human body can get dangerous pathogens infections (such as encephalitis).Alarming fact that the last two or three years, "tick problem" facing more and more people.And the forest is now ticks more often "attack" on the people

, not only in the deep woods, but also in the countryside, the villa, and even in urban areas.

What do you do if you find yourself stuck tick?First of all - do not panic!Tick ​​to remove, taking care not to tear the skin deep in the proboscis.Parasite gently pull slightly shaking fingers or tweezers.Such methods as drip on the tick with oil or alcohol, it is better not to try, otherwise tick can be emptied into the contents of the intestine blood, often poisonous.If the tick has stuck to the hard to reach places and you're not sure you can get it yourself, it is best to apply as soon as possible to the clinic.

Remote parasite yourself, ideally you want to keep in a tightly closed bottle and then pay for expertise in the art.Or burn.After removing the tick on the skin, as a rule, it is characteristic of the wound, which can serve as a "gateway" for the infection.

And in any case, you must always consult a medical institution - regardless of whether you have managed to cope with the removal of the parasite or not.

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