12 August

First aid in the country .How to cope with fatigue

Fatigue - it is a symptom, which occurs in very many diseases, and the consequence of prolonged physical or mental stress, and the result of the wrong food monotonous.It is particularly evident when working in the country.If fatigue - a symptom of the disease, it itself runs along the cure of the disease.Fatigue that develops as a result of muscular and mental surge fizzles in strict compliance with the correct mode of work.

Reduce the fatigue of the body and, therefore, improve efficiency, increase immune strength help following dietary recommendations :

- food should be regular, rational food - varied and easily digestible

- a four-power mode is recommended.But if between meals have a little fresh or dried fruit, drink fruit and vegetable juices, then from fatigue will be over

- in the diet should be increased content of products, which are the sources for the body of B vitamins is particularly important thatthe body did not feel deficiency of pantothenic acid

- must be included more frequ

ently in the diet of grains, which the body gets a lot of energy

- should not be avoided especially fats.Recall: fats - a source of concentrated energy for the body.Receipt of additional sources of energy quickly eliminate symptoms of fatigue

- the body should not experience lack of minerals, in particular such as calcium, sodium, zinc.Products that are sources of calcium and zinc, should always be present on the table.Regarding the sodium salt (NaCl, or sodium chloride) is necessary to say the following: the presence of sodium chloride in the body is as important as the presence of many other minerals.Harmful oversupply in the body of this salt.It must be remembered that if the struggle with common salt is too successful and the body develops shortage of sodium chloride, which adversely affect the health and the well-being

- traditional medicine recommends against fatigue drinking citrus juices.Particularly effective in this regard, lemon and grapefruit juice.They can drink either alone (lemon juice diluted with water in a ratio of 1: 1), and in the form of a mixture

- manifestations of fatigue can be eliminated by eating every day for only eight to ten dates.These fruits contain a lot of nutrients, vitamins and minerals.But, remember that dried figs -especially - have a high calorie content.

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