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allergy - a reaction of the immune system to foreign substances.Its manifestations are varied: from the itching, skin rash or blisters, coughing and shortness of breath to vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, and even the worst - anaphylactic shock.An allergy is the third largest "popular" among other ailments.According to the forecasts of doctors, by 2015 half of all people in Europe will suffer from allergies.

Allergy violates the function of most body systems and can cause the development of many chronic diseases.

disease development is predetermined genetically, and the vast number of allergy sufferers - men.Sometimes allergy appears in women as a result of pregnancy - it happens when the body perceives the emerging fruit as a large antigen.

provocation factors can be: bad ecology, stress, uncontrolled medications.In the Krasnodar region, Stavropol region, the Central Asian people are more likely to suffer from hay fever (hay fever), than in other regions.

As the number of agents provocateurs d

isease infinitely many ways, the survey will certainly need to start consultations with an allergist.This will avoid the endless research and unjustified direct diagnosis in the right direction.

Skin sample.On the inside of the elbow applied to the surface of 10-15 drops of the most common allergens, then make this place a little scratch.After a couple of minutes on the skin reaction assessed result.

intradermal tests.An allergen administered by injection into the surface layer of the skin.The method is used when allergy symptoms are not sufficiently bright.

Study blood.This analysis considered not only the most reliable, but also the only possible when there is no certainty how severe allergic reaction can be expected from the patient.

Clarify a definitive diagnosis is possible by means of the breath test .In order to avoid dangerous consequences of all tests should be performed only in a hospital.

Blood Test for immunoglobulin E .This analysis provides an answer to the question of the potential hazard and the degree of development of allergies .

The most radical way to combat this disease is the complete elimination of all identified allergens.Unfortunately, this is not always possible, especially if these "agents provocateurs" is too much (which is typical, for example, for food and household allergies).

Symptomatic treatment of allergy, which uses antihistamines and, in severe cases, hormones, cause allergy does not eliminate, but only helps to combat manifestations of the disease.

The third and the main method of treatment of allergy - specific immunotherapy allergens (SIT).During the SIT treat like with like: the body of the patient is administered increasing doses of one or more allergens, gradually accustoming the immune system not to show signs of discontent.The disadvantage of the method - the duration of treatment (once a year for 3-4 years).Contraindications: acute inflammation, oncology, psychopathology.Age of patients - from 7 to 40 years.

treatment of allergy - a complex process, but if you treat it seriously, if the problem can not nullify, that make life easier for themselves and loved ones.

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