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Insomnia : Causes and treatment of insomnia

In some cases, insomnia occurs because of a violation of sleep hygiene.Therefore, sleep is very important.Awakening and raising the bed must occur at the same time.Waking up, get up quickly, and naps generally undesirable.

important that the bedroom was associated you only sleep or sex, so it is not recommended to watch TV in the bedroom, there is much, especially to resolve conflicts.

lie down to sleep only when you want it.If you can not sleep, do not toss and turn in bed.Go into the next room, watch TV or read, only the transfer is to be uninteresting, and the book - boring!

Before going to bed can not work hard both physically and mentally, to actively engage in sports.Do not tightly dinner, especially spicy dishes there.Try not to find out before going to bed ratio, keep unpleasant conversations.

Vitamin E and insomnia

Scientists have found that a lack of vitamin E in the body leads to chronic fatigue, depression, and as a result, insomnia.Try to include in your diet foods rich in vitamin E:

vegetable oils, seeds of apples, almonds, peanuts, turnips, green leafy vegetables, cereals, legumes, egg yolk, liver, milk, oatmeal, soy, wheat and its sprouts.If you organize a varied diet do not succeed, then buy in a drugstore a good vitamin complex.

"Be careful with green teas. Many of them have strong tonic properties."

Therefore, the abuse of this drink can turn into "a nightmare during the day.It is better in the afternoon to give preference to herbal teas.For example, the infusion of chamomile help to relax and soothe tea with lemon balm.

warm milk with honey or cinnamon has a pretty strong sedative effect.And all because cow's milk contains melatonin - the hormone of sleep.

tablets for insomnia

In some cases, if the above methods have been tried but have not worked, you can turn to sleeping pills.Unfortunately, the pills are also not a panacea.Many of them have a lot of side effects and can be addictive.Therefore to use them it is necessary in complex cases and strictly on prescription!If, however, you still have to resort to using the tablets, here are some rules of their use:

- start taking the drug with the lowest dose

- not increase your dose without the need for, try to use the lowest effective dose

- to stop the use of drugs should be gradually

- try using drugs intermittent dosage regimen (for example, a day or several times a week)

- replace another drug only needs while reducing its effectiveness

- should not take more than 3-4 weeks of sleeping pills regularly.

Do not think that insomnia - the lot of the elderly or people with shaky nervous system.It can "come" and a completely healthy person, and at any age once.Do not panic!To get a grasp in our recommendations, follow them and

Pleasant dreams!

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