12 August

Sore throat : the treatment of folk remedies

sore throat - a protective reaction of the mucous membrane of the throat, signaling the beginning of the inflammatory processes.This condition is familiar to many, but not all are ready as soon as possible to bring its health back to normal without the use of expensive drugs.

"sore throat -.. A symptom that can be caused by various reasons to get rid of the uncomfortable feelings you need to install the root cause of them and start treatment"

most likely causes of sore

throat causes of the characteristic symptom of sore throatnot one, but several.

In general malaise, accompanied by a cough, runny nose, fever plus a sore throat - treating SARS you can not avoid.In this case, a tickle appears as one of the first signs of an impending colds.

Sometimes this symptom - a reaction to external stimuli - for example, dry air.

dust, pollen of certain plants, household chemicals, medicines can cause scratchy throat allergies.

Feeling of heartburn , which is accompanied by gastroesophageal reflu

x disease, can also cause irritation of the throat.

If hoarseness is accompanied by the scratchy, it testifies fatigue ligaments .For example, a person had a long conversation in a raised voice or tried to drown someone.Laryngitis (often chronic) accompanies the life of people of such professions (teachers, politicians, artists), the basic working tool which is the voice.

methods to get rid of sore throat

choosing how to help an irritated throat, it is necessary to know exactly the cause and try as much as possible to fix it.Doubt on this issue - please consult an audiologist.

Allergic laryngitis

allergic component laryngitis should try to avoid contact with possible allergens.

  • Hold wet cleaning as often as possible.
  • Acquire device-humidifier.To deal with dry air during operation and heating can be improvised means - wet sheets thrown over a radiator, or open water-filled container, placed on the perimeter of the room.
  • Replace unsuitable household chemicals on the hypoallergenic variants.
  • After staying in the street to change into home clothes.
  • Correct medication.
  • calming effect on irritated throat acts tea with mint .

Recipes of traditional medicine

experience of previous generations offers its own methods of getting rid of sore throat.Folk remedies (teas, gargles, inhalations) is less effective on the degree of exposure than medication drugs.

relieves colds

teas with the addition of raspberry, mint and viburnum contribute to the improvement of the drainage of lung function.

lemon juice, fat (badger, Surkov or bearish), honey are mixed in a ratio of 1: 1: 2. The resulting composition of drink on an empty stomach at regular intervals of time (3 hours) in 5 g (1 tsp..).It has expectorant, antibacterial and soothing effect.

onions (2 heads) plus unrefined oil (200 g).Finely chopped onion and put on a frying pan pour oil, fry a fried (until the crust).Then the whole mixture is passed through cheesecloth.The cooled oil is used for rinsing .In this way, fighting in Siberia with a sore throat and dry cough accompanying him.

infusion of calendula (20 g dry raw material, filled with boiled water and left for an hour) plus 2-3 drops of iodine.Such rinse (the more the better) helps get rid of plaque on the tonsils.

To help tired ligaments

Beet juice (200 g) plus apple cider vinegar (10 g or 1 tbsp. L.).This structure helps to rinse back the missing voice when you use it three times a day.

Steam inhalation - menthol or eucalyptus oil (9-10 drops per 250 grams of water).Read the discomfort in the throat.

softens, enveloping effect gives the drink, which is based on the warm milk (200 g), butter (10 g or 1 tbsp. L.) And honey (10g).

for a speedy recovery it is necessary to reconsider the power by removing from your diet sharp, sour dishes, further irritating the throat.

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