12 August

Seasonal diseases: herpes, gastritis , depression , colds

Autumn is in full swing, and the curve of colds moving steadily upward.How hard is it to tune in to the cold, the correct selection of clothes, watch the weather and protect against colds.And, besides, there is also a seasonal exacerbation of various diseases, doctors warn about every year.What is disease?


With the onset of cold weather first activated familiar to 80% of the infections - herpes.Most often painful blisters appear on the lips, but can pour anywhere.Unfortunately, to get rid of the virus is not possible.But to make occasional relapses - the task feasible.

Herpes manifests itself due to lower immunity.Cold wind, lack of sleep, stress - all of which can weaken the body's defenses.Therefore, with the onset of autumn begin to actively prevent immune stimulators, such as echinacea.

Helpful Hints:

- Perform a complete C-fortification of the body.Askorbinku has a property to suppress the virus.

- makeup base for the lips, choose chapstick with antiviral effect.

- The amino acid lysine contained in dairy products, chicken, fish, soy, inhibits the growth of herpes viruses.The amino acid arginine contained in chocolate, raisins, nuts, cereals, on the contrary, stimulates the proliferation of malicious microbes.Draw your own conclusions.


The traditional autumn exacerbation of the disease, scientists blame the failures in biorhythms, stress after summer holidays, and errors in the diet.Excess hydrochloric acid destroys the integrity of the gastric mucosa and causes chronic inflammation.

symptoms of gastritis: "hungry", night or arise in half an hour after eating pain in the epigastric region.A glass of milk, a light snack may remove the feeling of heaviness and discomfort, but modern medicines that reduce the production of hydrochloric acid more efficiently.

Those with chronic gastritis acquired, it is necessary to take antisecretory drugs, without waiting for the pain.

Helpful Hints:

- diagnosis "gastritis" appears on your health card if the power will be fractional, gentle and often to spend a burning stomach hydrochloric acid to useful work - digestion.

- As an analgesic or antipyretic instead of aspirin is safer to choose a drug based on paracetamol, which does not irritate the stomach.

Seasonal depression

For many, the most difficult month in November of the year: a dark and cloudy, not only outside, but also the soul.According to statistics 20% of people genetically "programmed" to the emotional downturn in the fall.

Seasonal blues festival to be treated.Invite your friends and arrange a fashion show of summer dresses or go for a walk.The weather does not matter.Even if the sun is behind the clouds, psychological "immunity" to rise after a half-hour walk.

Helpful Hints:

- Shopping, a visit to a beauty salon - an excellent means of seasonal sadness.

- Do not deny yourself from time to time in the joys of carbohydrate.A piece of chocolate cake or a piece of spaghetti - just 150 grams of food rich in carbohydrates, it is enough to "seize" the autumn blues.

And there is still the cold winter months and worsening of other diseases and injuries.


main symptom of bronchitis - cough."Wet", a productive cough is an essential part of the healing process.To speed it up, take medications as directed the doctor to remove phlegm: bromhexine, ambroxol, acetylcysteine.A self-consume more fluids in the form of heat: teas, nursing fees, broths.

If the cough persists more than a week, the temperature rises, there were pains in the side when breathing, always seem to the therapist, as in a dry, hacking cough, which increases during the conversation, pesters the evening.

There are already vaccines give strong immunity against pneumococcal disease, which causes bronchitis, pneumonia.It only takes one injection, but it must be done in the fall.Vaccination is required for those who last year had been ill with pneumonia, is prone to bronchitis, smokers.

Useful tips

- If you smoke, give up, at least temporarily from a bad habit or reduce the number of cigarettes.Immediately you feel relief.

- If there are no contraindications, go to the sauna.Dry warm air helps rapid recovery.


His true signs - reddened nose, ears and cheeks.By the way, in order to truly be chilled, a serious disadvantage is not needed.Most of hypothermia occurs at 10-20 ° C below zero.

Prepare in advance a suitable winter wardrobe.Elegant underwear, which replaced leggings and sweatshirts, securely retain heat as well as a fashionable hat.Being on the street in the winter with her head uncovered, you can lose up to 60% of heat energy.

Useful tips

- If you are very cold, add the thyme essential oil in aroma lamp or drip it on a handkerchief.Soon the body will spread a pleasant warmth.

- Feeling fatigue, stress and hunger, the body goes to heat-saving mode.So after a busy day tired, skip lunch workaholics can easily supercooled on the way home.Before you go out into the cold, snack, to provide the body with energy.

- Help the thyroid hormone thyroxine smoothly synthesized, which is responsible for the supply of heat cells - that is, provide it with iodine and the amino acid tyrosine.Their sources are: seafood, iodized salt, as well as products of animal origin.


for traumatology winter - this is the hottest time.The streets will be ice, and get a dislocation, sprain, alas, it is easy.If previously you have had problems with the musculoskeletal system, it is not superfluous to take a course of drugs that strengthen the cartilage, of course, with the approval of the treating physician.

Sign up in advance at the gym or enjoy a massage.Classes on a stationary bike, treadmill, swimming, simple physical exercises (squats) will help the body to prepare for the upcoming winter loads on the joints and spine.

Useful tips

- If the knee joints - your "weak link", wearing an orthopedic knee.This simple device will reliably protect the knee from serious damage.

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