12 August

Phytotherapy.The composition of medicinal plants (it is useful to know )

«green pharmacy" does not look like the usual: drugs are not stored in bulky glass and porcelain vessels, and in millions of microscopically small stretch the cells that make up stems, leaves, roots and flowers of grasses, shrubs and trees.Plant cells - not only storage, but also plant lekarstv.Mnogie substances produced by plant cells have healing properties.Ingested or used topically, they help the body cope with the patient gripped his illness.

Medicines "green pharmacy" contribute to the healing of wounds, healing the sick heart, stop the bleeding and restore the lost appetite, cure gastric diseases.

rich and diverse range of drugs in the "green pharmacy", but be careful, the uninitiated!There are no labels and warning labels, poisonous plants can look as attractive as the most innocuous flora kingdom.

«green pharmacy" is open to all, but treat it as an ordinary pharmacy should only by prescription.Do not forget this!Few know the power of herbs - it is necessary to establish the diagnosis of dise

ase.Nobody but the doctor will not be able to specify what kind of medicine of many hundreds now known to be useful to you.

In medicine, the plant is now largely used, selected from the total weight of centuries of national experience and tested in a giant clinic, called Humanity.As a result of these tests, all flora divided into two unequal groups.One of them included a relatively small number of plant species, known as medicinal plants

to another - all the other plants that do not have this honorary title.

first group was in a privileged position.She immediately became interested in botany, and chemists, and agronomists, not to mention the doctors, who, together with chemists classify the active compounds in groups according to their chemical composition and medicinal properties.

contained in medicinal plants biologically active substances - akin to the human body, they are available for him a form safe for long-term use, helping people cope with the disease, recover from a serious illness, to protect against the adverse effects of the environment.

hard to imagine modern medicine without such drugs as atropine, codeine, morphine, pilocarpine, SKO-polamin.The basis of their nitrogen-containing alkaloids constitute , which the active substances have become part of the arsenal of drugs.

also widely known glycosides , nitrogen-free aglycones, connected through oxygen with one or more radicals of sugars: glucose, rhamnose, etc. Among the plants glikozidosoderzhaschih:. Lily, Adonis, zheltushnik, foxglove, and many others.They are widely used in folk medicine, and they are the official basis for cardiac drugs.

not less known saponins , which under agitation gives rich foam, having detergent properties.Hence the name "Sapo", which translated from Latin means "soap".Saponins contain such herbs as istoda, thermopsis, rhubarb.In medicine, they are known for the ability to enhance the activity of airway glands, which facilitates expectoration of sputum for colds.

than others are given to us in sensations essential oils .They are a mixture of various volatile chemical compounds, among which the number of terpene hydrocarbons and their derivatives.Essential oils can burn and practically insoluble in water.

first essential oils used in medicine for flavoring drugs.Then it turned out that some of them possess valuable pharmacological properties and can be used as medicaments (antitussives, expectorants, anti-inflammatory and wound-healing).Currently medicine attract antimicrobial properties of essential oils.They contain many tree, shrub and herbaceous plants: spruce, cedar, fir, pine, myrtle, juniper, arborvitae, cypress, eucalyptus, orange, lemon, mandarin, jasmine, verbena, hyssop, rose, carnation, rosemary, thyme, oregano,lavender, lemon balm, mint, clary sage, chamomile, fennel.These and other plants with essential oils cleaned and disinfected room, and the air space from dust, mold, bacteria, Staphylococcus and Streptococcus, influenza, tuberculosis pathogens.

Studying the use of medicinal plants for the treatment of a variety of diseases, one should not lose sight of another important area of ​​their possible applications - prevention.The composition of medicinal herbs includes biologically active substances that can normalize the function of various organs in the period of the disease.We can assume that if the same biologically active substances entering the body, predisposed to a particular disease, to the development of disease symptoms, abnormal, would probably not have come.

There is no doubt in the preventive value of the whole group of plant substances - vitamins.

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