12 August

adonis spring

Adonis spring (Adonis, Montenegrin, hair-worm) ... The generic name of the plant is given in honor of the beautiful youth Adonis, which tells the ancient Greek legend.The goddess Aphrodite, Cyprus angry at the king's daughter because that is not enough to read it, inspired her passion for his own father.King Cinyras enters into criminal communications, unaware that he is dealing with his own daughter, and knowing her curses.The gods, taking pity on her, the unfortunate turn in the myrrh tree.After a time of a cracked trunk of the tree is born the child of great beauty.Aphrodite sends baby in a casket in the education of Persephone, queen of the underworld.Grow Adonis, Persephone did not want to part with it.

dispute goddesses allow Zeus, is designed Adonis spending part of the year in the realm of the dead in Persephone, and part of the year on the ground at Aphrodite, companion and lover which he becomes.None of the mortals and the gods was not equal to the beauty and the beautiful goddess of all th

e time spent with the young Adonis.Together they hunted in the mountains and forests of Cyprus, like the goddess of hunting Artemis, hares, deer and chamois shy, avoiding hunting fearsome lions and boars.

Once in the absence of Aphrodite Adonis dog attacked on the trail of a huge boar.This is Diana, angered by the fact that she chose the goddess of love, sends at him a ferocious beast.According to another legend, in a ferocious boar became jealous Ares, Aphrodite's husband.Adonis was glad the upcoming production, not knowing that this is his last hunt.Here he was preparing to spear pierced furious wild boar, but before: a wild boar rushed at him and fatally wounded a young hunter with their huge sharp teeth.Adonis died from terrible wounds.

Heartbroken Aphrodite she went to the mountains to search for the body of his lover.Making his way over the rocks between the rocks, she did not notice how sharp stones and thorns thorns wounded her tender feet, it drops of blood falling to the ground, and in their place grew red fragrant roses.Finally, the goddess found the body of Adonis, bitterly mourned for him, and all nature mourned her.

In memory of the love she has grown from the blood of Adonis, a beautiful flower, which dissolves the every spring.Zeus took pity on the grief of the goddess of love, he told his brother Hades to let Adonis six months of the dark kingdom of the dead to the earth to the sun.With the first spring sun comes Adonis on the ground and the whole of nature comes to life, and blossoms of golden-yellow flower named after him in the wilderness and in the woods.

According to another legend, the flower was named Adonis in honor of the Phoenician and Assyrian sun god Adon who die each year in the fall and spring resurrected.

Russian name - Montenegrin, adonis - indicate dwelling plants on the slopes of hills, well-warmed by the sun and thus forming the first black thawed, on which one of the first blossoms Adonis.

Gorytsvit - old folk remedy in the Russian medicine, it is used from the XVI century.In XVII-XVIII centuries.its grass roots and folk healers are widely used for various heart diseases.And we use it for kidney, convulsions, hysteria.

in scientific medicine Adonis introduced since 1859, when SD Nose published an article "On yuzhnorussov folk medicine", in which he pointed to the high efficiency of Adonis herb for heart disease.In 1861, on the therapeutic application of Adonis for heart disease made a doctor PV Kivokurtsev in Moscow Society of Russian physicians.In the 80s of last century Russian physician N. Bubnov, working in the Voronezh region, seen as the local wise woman successfully treated Gorytsvit disorders of cardiac activity.Under the guidance and recommendations Botkin N. Bubnov deep and versatile examined adonis , and since then its products are widely used for heart disease.He has the ability to strengthen the heart muscle and slow down its rhythm.In addition, a characteristic feature of the plant - a calming effect on the central nervous system.Used only on prescription.

Adonis spring - a perennial herb, whose age is 100 years.Early spring appears a short escape, ending one large golden flower.During flowering and fruiting develops several side shoots, on top of also carrying one large flower.Thus, by mid-summer the plant takes the form of a short, up to 40 cm of fluffy bush.Leaves numerous, palchatorassechennye thin lobe, which served as the basis for another Russian name - "hair-worm".

flowering plant is very beautiful and attracts attention from afar.Fruit - small dry achenes teams, collected several together.It grows in the steppes and forest-steppe of European Russia and western Siberia.The area it includes the Crimea and the Caucasus.In connection with the plowing of the steppes of his thicket area is rapidly shrinking, so the plant brought in the Red Book.The largest thickets adonis been registered.Adonis protection issues are of particular relevance, given that introduce its culture can not, despite many years of efforts of the Soviet and foreign scientists.The grass adonis contains cardiac glycosides -. Adonitoksin, tsimarin, as well as saponins, flavonoid glycoside adoniverit etc.

Pharmacies grass Adonis prepared infusion.Industry produces adonizid dry (for the preparation of tablets).Available in tablets Adonis-bromo.

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