12 August

Pomegranate (pomegranate )

This miracle surprisingly simple: green branches barely covered completely unearthly Suddenly Is Red - Pink cup overturned.And when it has completely forgotten, Fruit hangs like a new miracle and then crumble on a plate laden with rubies sun. A. Buzni

pomegranate (pomegranate tree) - a shrub or small tree from 1 to 5 m tall.The leaves are shiny, elliptical, or oppositely arranged close together in bunches.Flowers are large, pink or red-orange.Fruit - bacciform, large, up to 10-15 cm in diameter, with leathery pericarp multifaceted and numerous seeds with juicy bright red or pink pulp having sweet and sour taste.Flowers in June, fruits ripen in September - October.

In pomegranate juice contains vitamins, organic acids, tannins.The peel of the fruit 32% tannins.The bark of the roots, trunk, branches are found alkaloids psevdopelterin, metilizo-pelterin, pelterin and others. The flowers contain a colorant.

homeland pomegranate is considered the Mediterranean.In our country, wild pomegranate lived in t

he Caucasus, which are now cut down.Preserved in Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan in the mountain gorges.Wild pomegranate protected, are listed as endangered.The fruits of wild pomegranate have a very sour taste in diameter and no more than 8 cm. We derive numerous cultivars with large (up to 20 cm) fruits having white and red seeds are very sweet and fragrant.

Tannins grenade used in the national economy for the tanning of thin high-grade leather and the manufacture of paints.Dyes made from flowers, use for dyeing silk, woolen fabrics.Because pomegranate juice prepare drinks, syrups, condiments, canned him.The seeds get a fragrant golden oil containing begonevuyu acid and vitamin E.

branch pomegranate - a symbol of the island of Grenada, on his flag green branch with fruit in a brown oval.

generic Latin name Punica indicates that cultural homeland grenade was, apparently, Carthage (in present-day Tunisia), based finikyanami.The species name granatum (grainy) given in connection with the abundance of seeds in the fruit, so in some countries, garnet became a symbol of fertility.

the East flowers and pomegranate fruits - a symbol of friendly feelings and cordial affection, so when leaving on a visit as a gift to take pomegranate fruit more often.The Moors named favorite plant named their best city - Granada, located in the south of Spain.There grenade from ancient times attributed divine origins and venerated king of all fruits for flavor and fiery red crown on top of the fruit.

But in the Crimea there is another legend about the origin of this shrub.On the coast 14 miles from Alushta lived a simple fisherman with a virtuous wife.They were very kind and nice people.The doors of their huts were always open to travelers, who found in it a shelter and overnight.The poor widows and orphans are constantly feeding them to give not only food, but the words of affection and encouragement.Nearby residents are deeply respected fisherman and his wife.Repute talked about them in the Crimea.And next to a good reputation was thin, about three of their daughters.

older poplar was small, ugly, and with an evil character.The second daughter - Grenade - obsessed with the color pink.Constantly he reproached his father and mother, because she was not beautiful and that she no longer pink complexion.Now, if it was bright as the pink flower, she said, all the passers-by to stop and look at her in admiration.Younger, Cypress, was cheerful and beautiful, but the example of older sisters, too, mocks a father and a mother.It was hard to listen to parents unjust words daughters, but parental love is blind and helpless.Old men quietly took down the ugly antics of their daughters.One daughter, angered some street scandal with fists attacked their old parents and started beating them."Heavens!- Cried the elderly - whether the forces that would be able to protect us from our own children! ".

Before they utter these words, it is not known where the voice came: "Topolino!You curse their parents for having low growth since become the highest tree, which will never be flowers and fruits.

Grenade!You will become a tree with pink flowers and everyone will admire them, but no one bent to smell those beautiful flowers, because they will not have a smell.The fruits of your work, bright red in the middle, not satisfy anyone and do not quench anyone's thirst, because they will not ripen.

Cypress!You will become a plant beautiful and sad. "

frightened to death the girl ran out of the hut, ran after them parents, but their children, they will not see: in the yard were three hitherto unknown tree.One tossed up their branches, held out another pink flowers, and the third was frozen in a sad silence.And these trees are called the names of the three daughters Cruel - poplar, pomegranate, cypress.

In ancient Greece pomegranate fruits were the symbol of marriage.When the will of the great Zeus, Hades, god of the underworld, was stolen at the time of their return Persephone her mother Demeter, before parting, he gave her a pomegranate seed to swallow to not forget to go back to her husband, when the time comes.

Pomegranate - an ancient medicinal plant.In Babylon grenades planted 5000 years ago.Indian "Ayurveda" - the science of life - recommends pomegranate fruits, along with grapes and apples for the "rejuvenation of the body."Hippocrates used it juice for stomach pains, and peel fruits against dysentery and for the treatment of wounds.Avicenna wrote: "The grenades of all types, even sour, inherent cleansing and astringent properties."Pomegranate bark to get rid of worms used in ancient Greece, Rome, India, Armenia.

Currently juice pomegranate fresh or canned form is issued the food industry.It stimulates the appetite, regulates the activity of the stomach, has antiscorbutic, anti-inflammatory action.In folk medicine used widely.Peel the fruit in the form of decoction is used as an astringent.Flowers in the form of poultices - excellent wound-healing agent.According to Avicenna, the heat causes the flowers of the wild pomegranate glued wounds.

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