12 August


lush and long flowering pelargoniums enlivens the atmosphere in the house, relieves depression, encouraging and even improve vision.A scented pelargonium leaves - a whole pantry of medicinal flavors!

Scented pelargonium native to South America - and now there you can see the whole thickets of this plant.And in countries that have traditionally engaged in the production of spirits - Egypt, Congo, Italy and France - pelargonium grown on special plantations.The fact that the essential geranium oil in perfumes often replaces more expensive - pink.

Smell Pelargonium felt from the doorway: lemon, mint or like the exquisite scent of roses ... based it not on the colors, and the carved images, covered with soft hairs of leaves.Few know that in the breeding of new varieties of Pelargonium breeders think it is about the leaves, because they contain valuable essential oils: geraniol, citronellol, menthol ... Pelargonium leaves are widely used in perfumery and medicine, herbal and aromatherapy, cosmetics, and

evenin cooking.

Pelargonium has an amazing feature - it exudes the aroma unless it disturbing.Due to this property, pelargonium can be placed even in the bedroom.Modest flower will not bore her scent during sleep and in the morning when you get up and touch it leaves room filled with charming fragrance.If you have insomnia, touch the leaves of Pelargonium just before bedtime, and its light fragrance will calm you without any medicines you fall asleep like a baby.

You can put scented pelargonium, and in the living room.Essential oils of Pelargonium protect you from infections, which are often visited by us together with the guests.For this reason, sweet guardian will not be superfluous, and in the nursery.

Pelargonium scented prefers bright windowsills.Do not be lazy once or twice a year to trim the branches, then the plant is lush and beautiful.

Pelargonium scented compared to other pelargonium blooms are less willing and less decorative.It is often called geraniums also, but this is not entirely correct, although pelargonium really comes in numerous family geranium.Today, a group of scented pelargonium has more than 100 species and varieties.

the treatment of angina, pharyngitis .
Two or three fresh leaf pelargonium chop and pour a glass of boiling water.Insist hour and strain.Infusion of use to gargle 4-5 times a day.

In neurosis, stress, increased excitability .
Pour cup of boiling water 2 tbsp.chopped fresh leaves of Pelargonium, leave for an hour under the hood and filter.Take 1/5 cup of warm infusion twice or three times a day for 20 minutes before eating.

When arthritis, myositis, neuralgia .
few fresh leaves of Pelargonium lay on gauze or cloth (you can tack thread) and wrap the affected area.Keep the compress three or four hours.

When otitis .Slightly
remember the fresh leaves of pelargonium, take a straw and put in uxo for 2-3 hours.

small amount of fresh leaves of Pelargonium add to the salad and dessert refreshments as a spice.One or two leaf pelargonium - exquisite decoration a la carte dishes.

By the way, if you put a few leaves of pelargonium in a stack with clean linen, handkerchiefs, or in the closet, it will give things a fresh aroma and deter mole.

Prevention and treatment of cellulite.Pour 1 liter of boiling water
0.5 cups of chopped fresh leaves of Pelargonium, insist 2-3 hours and strain.Pour into the bath.Take warm baths with infusion (37-38 ° C) for an hour before going to bed every other day for 15-18 minutes.This bath is also soothing.

for better hair growth.Pour 1 liter of boiling water
2-3 tablespoons chopped fresh leaves, insist 2 hours and strain.Use to rinse hair two or three times a week.

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