21 August

Evaluate your health ( it is useful to know )

These simple tests can help evaluate the overall health and to detect possible problems in time. eyes .Dark circles under the eyes can occur for three reasons.Firstly, because of the lack of sleep.Secondly, because with age the skin becomes thinner and more transparent, which means that vessels are located underneath and become more noticeable.Third, the receptacles may initially be located too close to the skin surface.If the circles appeared suddenly, this may be one of the symptoms of allergy.Swollen skin and swelling around the eyes say that disrupted the output of fluid from the body.Try to eat less fatty, salty, smoked and fried food.Never rub your eyes with hands - you can carry infection.If the eyes are itchy, promoyte.ih weak tea.

As nails.Thin cracks or transverse line crossing the nail, saying that recently you were ill.White spots on the nail testify to the injury, not calcium deficiency, as is commonly assumed.But really nail separation caused by lack of calcium.But there are different o

ptions: for example, the hands too much time in the water, you use poor-quality dishwashing liquid.If the nails are pale and bent inward, then most likely, you do not have enough iron.Redness and swelling of the skin around the nail is usually caused by an infection.

Make sure that your hands are always dry and clean.Use rubber gloves when performing household chores.Twice a day hand put on cream.Take your vitamins.

Hands .Examine the fingerprints.To do this, grind pencil simple pencil, dip your fingers into it, and then press to a sheet of white paper.The print is ready.If the predominant lines in the form of simple arcs, health, probably in order.If the lines are complicated, twisted and overlapping, it is necessary to check the pressure.Another test.Pour into a glass of very cold water and hold it in your hands for 30 seconds.If the tips of his fingers were white and turned blue, you have compromised blood circulation.The sharp drop in temperature causes spasms in the blood vessels that provide blood to the fingers and toes, nose and ears.As a result, a sufficient amount of blood ceases to flow into the body, and they are numb.If possible, avoid sudden temperature changes, wear gloves in cold weather.If you smoke, immediately dispose of nicotine adversely affects the circulation.

Gums .Red, swollen gums that bleed even with light pressure, may indicate serious disease.Bacteria from damaged gums into the blood and then spread throughout the body.It proves the link between gum disease and heart attacks.

For the treatment of gum disease, see your dentist.

Check cholesterol level.Thin white line around pupil says about heightened level of cholesterol in the blood.Another alarming sign - small yellowish spots on the eyelids or around the eyes.

You need to review the diet: eat less fatty and fried foods, more products from whole grains, legumes, vegetables and fruits.

Leather .If the skin was very pale, rough and often shelled, it may be associated with an under-active thyroid gland.Other common symptoms are: rapid weight gain, apathy.If the skin is scratched, and on his feet were red spots - the thyroid gland is likely to hyperactive.Consult your doctor!

test flexibility .If your body retains flexibility means that the ligaments and joints work well, and consequently, the risk of fractures and sprains minimum.Sit on the floor, extend your legs and try to get his hands to the tips of my toes.The easier it is to do so, those in the best shape of your body.

Flexibility develop yoga classes, swimming, pilates.It proved that even the daily 5-minute charging significantly increases muscle tone.

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