12 August

How to beat fatigue ?(women Health)

you like to prove yourself that you are not subject to fatigue?You will be happy to know that others think so, too.This makes you a pleasant feeling of superiority.You work longer drugih.Esli you are at this stage, be reasonable, and slow down immediately.You can live a stressful life, if required by your character, but you need to fully relax, to be able to regain their strength.

Do not leave without attention to even the smallest signs of fatigue of the developing organism.If you have found serious fatigue, do not consider yourself a hopeless victim to the "disease of the century."Fatigue is curable, the balance can be returned.To do this, first of all inspect themselves mentally to make the reality of your symptoms of fatigue.

Hormones .The nervous or physical exhaustion can have a harmful effect on the endocrine glands that produce hormones.Excessive or insufficient intake of hormones promotes the development of fatigue.
Diseases of the thyroid gland, adrenal gland insufficient function are also

factors that cause fatigue.

Noise .Among the external factors of fatigue noise, without a doubt, it is the most serious, as it exacerbates the impact of adverse environmental conditions on the human body.If our nervous system is shattered, we are painfully react to any sound, they seem to us an attack on our identity.Permanent or loud noises contribute to the development of fatigue.

Emotions .Fear, joy, surprise, disappointment, envy when they occur with a normal force is easily tolerated by the body, which adapts to them.If these disturbances appear with great force and at short intervals, the body is forced each time to adapt to changing environmental conditions and to mobilize all its means of defense at the expense of over-voltage of the nervous system.

Mental fatigue .This fatigue characteristic of those who drains your brain work unbearable for him.Mental fatigue is rarely the cause of its extremely overvoltage developing in the process.It is almost always associated with the properties of the individual.Mental fatigue develops in the background of anxiety, which, contrary to popular belief, rarely is the result of creative torment.

How to beat fatigue?

1. Be sure to breakfast.

2. Drink more and more.

3. Do you want to sleep - go.Often the situation: you are tired and can not sleep.In such cases, help sedatives.

4. No power - jump.Usually, when the rolls tired, I want to lie down and sleep for a whole day.But waking up you feel as tired.The decision in this case may be quite different -Includes music and dance.Recipe: daily walk on foot for half an hour, in addition, be careful not to use the elevator.

5. Let the joy will come into your life.Avoiding stress is impossible, but try to exclude from the life of painful intercourse, a meaningless job and whims of people.Say "no" to anything that is your problem, and let your life finally in joy.

6. Recipe: deep breathing - mentally counting to 5, slow, deep breath through your nose, then exhale just as slowly through your mouth.Repeat for 2 minutes.Such a deep, rhythmic breathing helps to relax and saturate the body with oxygen.

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