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Jade.Medicinal properties of jadeite ( non-traditional methods of treatment)

name comes from the Spanish stone piedro de jade - kidney stone - the so-called green stones indigenous people of Central America, although it is among the jewelry and precious stones, especially popular in Asia.
Other mineral name and its variants: hlormelanit, Imperial zhad.Soglasno ancient beliefs, jadeite so connected with nature and all its elements, that it can be used to control the weather.Like many other green stones, jade helps to stay calm, protects against the wiles of the evil, misery and all kinds of trouble.

Jade started to use during the Neolithic.From it produced weapons, tools, implements, in particular, axes.On the territory of present-day Mexico and Central America before the discovery of the continent of Columbus, indigenous peoples (Maya, Olmecs, Aztecs) made jewelry and amulets of jade, and cult objects of his decorated temples.Chinese masters, in perfection owning art carving on stone, even 2000 years ago were made of jade ware, vases, goblets, boxes, desk sets and decorations.C

hinese and Japanese emperors so appreciated this stone that literally slept on the cushions from it and eating from dishes made of jade.

in a Berlin museum kept a flute made of jadeite Indian master presumably in XVI-XVII centuries.Magnificent old stone products are found in many museums around the world.The most valuable is considered to be a collection of the New York Museum of Natural History.

long time, jadeite jade is no different from both the mineral called jade.Jade has called - a kidney stone (piedra de la jada), because it was seen that it helps to treat kidney disease.It was only in 1863 began to distinguish jadeite and nephrite.Historians suggest that the name appeared jadeite from the Greek word "Sciatica" -More than at the hip, flank.This name was given the stone again for its healing properties, especially for its ability to remove the pain.In addition, jade were advised to wear people with unstable mentality.It helps a person to quickly calm down, calms anger, relieve unnecessary anxiety.Since ancient times, the stone was used also for the treatment of blood diseases and infertility.Jade has beneficial effects on vision or even completely restores it.Chinese and Tibetan healers advised to wear virtually all jadeite, as it stabilizes the power of the person.

In ancient Mexico believed jade medication even deadly diseases.Thoroughly crush, it was given to strengthen the vocal cords, hearts, lungs.Healers say, the powder becomes even more effective if it add to the gold and silver.

drink of jade was considered an excellent tool for strengthening the bones and muscles: if you take it with you on your journey, neither thirst nor hunger will not torture a man not afraid of him will be neither heat nor cold.

largest jade deposits are located in Burma, in Russia (the Polar Urals and in the Sayan Mountains), as well as in China, Guatemala, Japan, Mexico and the United States.

are several types of jade: Imperial - this emerald-green transparent and translucent stone with uniform coloring.
Commercial - against a background of green opaque stone visible streaks and stains translucent emerald green.
utility - bright green opaque jadeite.

also found green stones from the "cloud" color, white matte translucent, translucent white with bright luster and black and green - Chloe-romelanity.

Gran jadeite often cabochon.It is believed that jade is able to awaken in people the true virtues - compassion, resilience, courage and justice.Astrologers say that wearing jewelry made from jade stone does host a modest and intelligent.And this stone is good to give people involved in the cultivation of flowers and other plants.With a large reserve of energy, jadeite and has beneficial effects on human and plants.In the East since ancient times jade was stone dealers.Sandwiched piece of jade in his hand to help participants deal successfully conduct any trading operation.

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