12 August

Healing properties of aventurine ( non-traditional methods of treatment)

Zlatoiskr, iskryannik, Iskrists - so called this variety of quartz, our ancestors."Arrows of Cupid" was called in ancient metal sparks, glittering in the mineral."Rock of Love" - ​​talked about it the ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians, who, by the way, first learned to make skilful minerala.Na analogue of the present century, then the recipe has been lost, and only in the sixteenth century, quite by accident in one of the many steklovaren in Murano near Venicea container with molten glass were copper filings.

In Italian "accidentally» - per awentura.That's the case, and gave the name of the hero of our story.They began to call the new ornamental material

aventurine aventurine made talismans, believing that they help to maintain a sense of joy and freshness of perception.

believed that Aventurine Green balances the emotions, helps to suppress anxiety and fear creates a positive attitude towards life.

Aventurine is good as a talisman for the person timid, insecure, as the sunstone gives pep and cl

arity of mind, creates in man a rainbow mood, promotes outbreaks of mutual love, contribute to the exacerbation of feelings and emotions, as well as an increase in optimism strengthensemotional intensity from its owner.

Healing aventurine

Aventurine goes well with lapis lazuli for the treatment of fears, anxiety, with red and yellow stones - to relieve heart pain and stabilize the pressure.It is recommended to suffering from diseases of the cardiovascular system and circulatory diseases.Wearing aventurine any color helps with skin diseases: various rashes, eczema, atopic dermatitis, alopecia.Stone well relieves high blood pressure, treats bronchitis and colds.In addition, it improves blood and promotes development of muscle tissue.

Aventurine creates a happy and joyful mood, harmonizing body and soul.His advise to wear bracelets and earrings.Most suitable for aventurine metals - gold and silver.

believed that wearing Aventurine permanently impossible, it is necessary from time to time to remove it.It is said that it can not be worn for more than one consecutive lunar phase, otherwise it changes the energy.Wear can be in one of the phases of the waning moon, that is, in the third and fourth quarter.

Green Aventurine is especially pleased with blond women, giving them good luck in love, peace at home, guarding their beauty.Dark Red Aventurine is good at the beginning of a new business with an uncertain end, as reported by undertaking the necessary energy.

Let this wonderful stone will help you to express all your most tender feelings and innermost desires!

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