12 August

Nontraditional methods of treatment .Treatment of music (it is useful to know )

no secret that listening to your favorite tunes is able to cheer and cheer up everyone.But recently the therapeutic properties of music has been scientifically proven by Italian scientists.They proved that with the help of "music therapy" you can treat various human diseases organizma.Pomnite friend from school textbooks an experiment with water?They took two glasses of water, one of the cursing and foul language, and on the other included a beautiful piece of music.So, the structure of the water in the first beaker was completely destroyed, it turned into a chaotic scattered molecule, and the second glass of water molecules joined together in a beautiful pattern.Here it is, the magic power of music!Almost a similar experiment conducted Yenning scientist Hans from Basel.But he took no glass, and steel plate, and water, and the usual fine sand.And do you think that happened?History repeated itself.On the sand scientist vozdestvoval sound of a certain frequency, which is under the influence of sand collec

ted in an unusual pattern.Value Yenningu turn off the tape with the music, the grains were scattered in different directions.Under the influence of different tunes get a completely different picture.

His experiments continued another scientist, Guy Manners: he worked on five grains sound frequencies and subsequently received a three-dimensional volumetric image.About twenty years Manners spent on the study of this phenomenon, but as it turned out, not in vain.He found such a combination of tones that are useful in every human body.His device for generating different sounds, he gave the name - tsimatikotron .Currently, this device is successfully used by doctors around the world.

We turn to the useful properties of music.You yourself may have noticed how music affects our mood.Under the sad melody I want to cry and complain about life, cheered - rejoice and dance.But, as it turned out, we are not all know about it.It turns out that with music can cure a lot of different diseases: nervous system, hypertension, gastrointestinal disease and many others.A session of music therapy can be carried out independently at home.Try to find that some quiet place.Turn on the music, which gives extraordinary pleasure - and enjoy.listening time quite limited.It all depends on your desires.

most suitable melodies to cure various ailments are considered classic.They speed up the healing process for diseases of specific organs:
disease genitals (inflammation of the appendages, prostate, irregular painful menstruation) and nasal (rhinitis, sinusitis) treats tonality in E Major.An example of this kind of music - "Concert for Violin and Orchestra in E Major" ISBach

G Major heals skin diseases ( "Tango" by A. Piazzolla of k / f "Scent of a Woman")

cure eye disease and migraine key of D flat major ( "Nocturne" by Chopin)

F sharpMajor accelerates recovery from respiratory diseases (asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia) and heart (Preludes and Fugues, volume 1, Well-Tempered Clavier by JS Bach)

diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (ulcers, indigestion), gallstones andpancreatitis can be treated successfully tunes in the key of G sharp major (Preludes and Fugues, volume 1, well-Tempered Clavier by JS Bach)

F Major cures rheumatism (Bach's "Toccata┬╗)

in E Flat Major heals throat diseases (tonsillitis)and ear (otitis media), cervical vertebrae (Concerto for piano by Franz Liszt)

A sharp major beneficial effect on the state of the spine and the blood ( "Ave Maria" by F. Schubert)

hepatitis, appendicitis, colitis and other diseasesintestine heals all our favorite "Wedding march" by Mendelssohn of the fifth symphony, written in the key of C Major

varicose veins and swelling are reduced when listening to music Key A major ( "Kreutzer Sonata" by Ludwig van Beethoven)

kidneys andbladder heals tune in the key of D Major waltz "The Blue Danube" by Johann Strauss)

treats arthritis and diseases of the stop key in B Major (Preludes and Fugues, volume 1, Well-Tempered Clavier by JS Bach).

Psychologists working in perinatal centers, in one voice say, that music improves the health of future mothers and ease of delivery.In addition, a very positive effect on the unborn baby.So, ladies, who are planning their future appearance of the child, remember that even if you absolutely do not have any performance data, do not deprive your child a lullaby - especially beneficial with folk motifs.The only thing you have to do - it's love and tenderness, which you do, and so more than enough, is not it?Start singing lullabies can have from the moment he learned of the appearance of the little creatures in your tummy.And even when a child is born to you will be enough just to sing to him a familiar melody to your child calmed down and fell asleep.Currently, there are special songs for pregnant women.They were listening to the baby makes physical health, strengthens the emotional connection of mother and child, the baby develops intelligence.Surround yourself with natural sounds, walking in the woods or in the park, you'll get a lot of pleasant sensations.Incidentally, the ringing of bells is also considered curative, it enhances the body's protective barriers and does not allow harmful bacteria to grow in our body.

So, listen to music, sing, dance and let you be all right, and the health and mood.

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