12 August

This need WATER ( it is useful to know )

Recently, doctors are increasingly talking about the fact that one of the causes of frequent colds and infections, blood clots, the stagnation of lymph, the fragility of vessel walls, bladder diseases is the lack of clean water consumption.By reducing the volume of water in the body is hampered normal functioning kidney and part of the "work" assumes the liver.Consuming water, we make it easy and kidneys, and liver.But, of course, we must remember that in some diseases of the kidney to receive the fluid should be treated extremely ostorozhno.Esli want to lose weight, drink clean water!It reduces appetite, reduces the stock of fat (the water should be drunk chilled, because cold water absorbs quickly and burns more calories).A full, people need to drink an additional 1 cup of water for 10 kg of excess weight.Water clears the body of harmful substances, poisons and toxins.Solves the problem of fluid retention (body retains water when it does not receive sufficient).It helps to maintain muscle tone.It reli

eves constipation.

Make it a rule to drink immediately after waking up a glass, and it is better - two, room temperature water with fresh lemon juice.If you do not want to drink, drink by force.Between breakfast, lunch and dinner, and before going to bed, too, drink 1-2 glasses of pure water.The water should be clean filtered drinking from bottles.Tap water advocate in the bank for 1-2 days, leaving in her silver coin.But the most useful - spring (if a spring clean, outside the industrial area and is equipped according to the rules) and melt water.

adult needs to drink at least 1.5-2 liters of plain water (tea, coffee, fruit drinks, fruit drinks, etc. in this volume are not included).But modern man is practically not drink clean water, preferring to breakfast tea or coffee, for lunch - tea, coffee, juice, juice, dinner - tea, milk, yogurt.Clean water in the diet is simply no!This is easily seen if we take a 2 liter bottle of water and try to drink it during the day.It turns out that it is very difficult!But this simple example clearly shows how little we drink plain water.

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