12 August

Veneers - Porcelain TEETH FACING (it is useful to know )

English word Ā«veneerĀ» translated as paneling or guidance gloss.Full name of the method - veneer porcelain - porcelain veneer.In the manufacture of veneers the most modern equipment and materialy.Metod it is as follows.On the pre-treated tooth superimposed thinnest porcelain plate (thickness of 0.3 to 0.5 mm).Then they fastened heavy-duty light-curing cement.This makes it possible to achieve beautiful cosmetic effect: the veneer is able to give the perfect shape of the tooth, and the use of cement in various shades - the desired color.

Before installing veneers, consult your doctor.He will decide whether this method is right for you.It has its contraindications.Porcelain veneers can not be installed when the carious disease of the teeth and gum disease (beginning it is necessary to cure these diseases).Veneers do not put in those cases when the lost a large part of the tooth or is severely weakened.In such cases, a more suitable method - installation of the dental crown.If there are significant enamel d

efects or severe abrasion of the tooth, the veneer is also better not to.Prevents installation and bruxism - with gnashing of teeth veneers quickly fly off or erased.

But installing veneers is the best solution in cases such as chipped teeth, large gaps between the teeth, wedge-shaped defects, abrasion, dental disorders form.Veneers can cover old fillings that differ in color from the normal tooth, tooth-colored hide defects associated with fluorosis.This disease is associated with excessive content of fluorine in drinking water.On the enamel first detected spots of chalk colors that gradually made brown.Sometimes in their place there point or line defects.Excess fluoride leads to uneven mineralization of enamel, and on this there are stains.

Veneers set not only for cosmetic purposes.veneer technology allows the creation of a crown to make, if necessary, the pin tooth or a small bridge.

whole process of settling down veneers takes about a week.Dentist to visit twice: first for the treatment of teeth and remove the impression, then - for the actual installation.

first stage - this special treatment of the tooth, which will set the veneer.To do this, from the front surface of the tooth is removed a thin layer of enamel, equal to the thickness of the intended veneers.This procedure does not hurt and does not weaken the tooth.If your teeth are sensitive slishom, during their processing can be used local anesthesia.After the treatment, the dentist removes the tooth impression (mold), in which the laboratory will make your future veneer.

Sometimes veneers are made right in the dentist's office - then the whole procedure is placed in one visit.With the help of high technology, you can get the "optical impression" of a tooth on a special machine, which immediately generates a veneer on the model.Some dentists believe that high-quality veneers can be made by hand, in a special laboratory, and the car copes with the problem worse.

The laboratory veneers are made about a week.Sometimes during this period on the tooth put temporary veneers to the patient is not experiencing discomfort from rough teeth.True, temporary veneers has a drawback - they are easy to slip off or break a tooth so that you can endure without them.In each case, this is solved individually.If you decide to dispense with temporary veneers, avoid hot and cold - a tooth after removal of the surface layer becomes very sensitive.

But the veneer is made and ready to take its permanent place, a foothold on the desired tooth.Before installing the dentist completely customize the veneer to the tooth surface.Sometimes minor errors are eliminated after the installation of the veneer to the tooth.

necessary that the veneer in harmony with the color of the other teeth, so the important role played by the right choice of color.The desired shades can be ADJUSTED

in on with the color of cement, which is fixed veneer.

Immediately before installing the first applied to a tooth gel, which increases the strength of adhesion to the tooth surface of the veneer.Thereafter, the cement is applied to the veneer and the veneer is attached to the tooth.Then, under the influence of a special light source cement hardens within a few seconds due to its photosensitive catalyst composition.After the final installation of the dentist, like the artist, brings a "picture" of the finishing touches - smoothes the contours, making allowance for the bite.The installation of the veneer is completed.

Porcelain veneers compared to other methods of aesthetic dentistry have several advantages.First of all, they give the tooth a natural healthy look.Used in their manufacture dental porcelain closely mimics the properties of the surface layer of the tooth - enamel.In addition to porcelain veneers does not appear stains, discoloration or turbidity.This smooth and impermeable material is not afraid of red wine, tobacco, coffee and tea.

But a layer of cement, which is attached veneer, from the appearance of blemishes risk not being protected.Sometimes he painted over the edges, where it comes out layer.

To avoid this, we need good oral care, regular dental cleaning and plaque removal.

method has its drawbacks: porcelain veneers can peel off or break.If the veneer flaked off completely, it can once again settle for a place in the dentist's office, but if they split, then the only way out g - setting a new one.

In addition, after installing veneers teeth, for which they were established, can not be put in the same form: their size and shape will be changed forever.

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