12 August

Long live the soap fragrant !Handmade soap

Natural cosmetics have always enjoyed great popularity.Cosmetics handmade especially valuable.Try to make something for yourself, for example, handmade soap.We give a prescription for obtaining soap in household usloviyah.Metod fat based on the reaction with the alkali, which runs at the boiling point of the mixture.Thereafter, the solution was added sodium chloride (table salt), which leads to separation of the mixture into two layers: an upper comprising a concentrated solution of soap and the bottom, which is composed of a concentrated brine derived from fat and glycerol.The upper layer was poured into molds, where it remains until cool.Soaps thus prepared is crushed, sometimes dried and then pressed under pressure into the finished pieces.

So, cook about 5 percent solution of sodium hydroxide, known as caustic soda or caustic soda, dissolving 75 grams of sodium hydroxide in 1.5 liters of water.

in an enamel pan with a capacity of 5 liters, place 500 grams of beef tallow, pre-melt it and strain it

through a sieve or cheesecloth.Salo to preheat the slab to a temperature of 90 ° C and add, while stirring with a wooden spoon, about 0.3 liters of sodium hydroxide solution.

Together warm up to a temperature of 90-100 ° C, and stir until the solution is homogeneous and viscous.Then start adding the remaining sodium hydroxide solution, infusing it trickle, not ceasing to stir.In the case of the bundle features do not add sodium hydroxide until the sticky mass is smooth again.

After all infuse sodium hydroxide solution, continue to heat and stir for another 10 minutes.At this stage the contents of the pan should be homogeneous, viscous, sticky consistency.After dilution of the sample taken ten parts of water, check the pH of the mixture of litmus paper (on the table) or 1-percent alcoholic solution of phenolphthalein.Litmus paper should turn blue, phenolphthalein - paint sample in pink.This suggests the alkaline reaction of the finished product that is essential for the quality of the soap.If the pH exceeds 10.5, add a small amount of fat and mix for another 10 minutes.Optimum pH for the soap is 9-10.Without stopping heating and stirring, add 90 grams of salt, screened through a sieve.Continue stirring for an additional 10 minutes to complete the bundle.Collect ladle topsheet (soap) and pour into a flat shape previously prepared.Once cooled, cut the soap into pieces of desired size.

To enhance the ability to foam, a tenth of the fat may be replaced by rosin.

Attention!Sodium hydroxide causes severe burns.Protect your hands and eyes.Use safety glasses.For the production of soap and breeding hydroxide can not use aluminum cookware.

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