12 August

Treatment of female mud inflammation of the pelvic organs .Women Health

Treatment clay mud therapy is similar to c.In the treatment adnexitis healing clay has been used successfully in the form of application on the abdomen and earthen tampons introduced into the rectum and the vagina.Depending on the composition of clay mikroelementndgo painted in different colors - white, yellow, red, brown, blue, even green.But the treatment does not matter what kind of clay you use, since the imposition of mud applications, your skin will absorb is the one desired microcell.The official sources of clay color, and is not mentioned - apparently learned people assume that you can choose any clay, what your heart desires.The process for treating clay.

Before applying clay soaked for at least 2 hours with boiled water, but not hot, otherwise you can kill all the biologically active substances contained in the clay.Softened to the consistency of sour cream clay moved by hand or through a coarse sieve, with selected and thrown small pebbles and other impurities.

Clay application can be u

sed in two ways.

first method : use of heated clay applique chronic inflammation of the pelvic organs, including infertility caused by adhesions.This method is not suitable for all conditions when heating is harmful: in tumors, tuberculosis, purulent and acute inflammatory processes.Pre-prepared clay is heated in a pan or bucket, but it is better in a water bath to avoid overheating the lower portion of the material.Clay is heated to 45-50 degrees and is superimposed a thick layer of 4 cm 2 to the skin of the abdomen, the buttocks and the sacrum of the type "pants".Above the clay is put medical oilcloth, top wrapped a warm blanket - this warm compress should be from 30 to 60 minutes.Clay application can do daily rate from 10 to 15 days, without the days of menstruation.

second way application of clay: the use of clay applications in acute inflammatory diseases (adnexitis, oophoritis), when there is tenderness over the affected organs.Before applying the clay can be a little bit to warm to the skin was not unpleasant, to 30-34 degrees.The clay is applied in a layer of 1.5-2 cm of the type "pants" directly on the skin or between skin and a layer of gauze laid clay.Above the clay is covered with a cloth with warm flannel-type, but you can not cover - this is for the health of patients.Compress maintained hour and then wash the skin with warm water.

For acute pain compresses can be applied 2 times a day - morning and night - until recovery.

adnexitises the treatment applied and vaginal swabs with clay for the treatment of inflammatory diseases of the female.The clay is heated to 56-60 degrees, and wrapped in gauze.The tampon is left in the vagina for 18-24 hours, and after removing the vaginal mucosa douche with warm boiled water.

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