24 August

The sequence of self-massage techniques ( it is useful to know )

Massage can be attributed to the tempering procedure, ie. To. The massage usilivaetcya blood flow, improves blood circulation and nutrition of tissues, elimination of toxins.And this can be achieved at any zakalivanii.Luchshe just do it in the bath immediately after the release of the steam bath room.To hand slid easily through the body, they need to lather soap.

Massaging is necessary along the lymph vessels, gently moving them, but can not touch the vessels themselves.

Experts advise to massage his hands in the direction of the brush to the elbow, and then - from the elbow to the armpit.Armpits massage can not be: it is located lymph nodes.

Foot massage from the feet to the knee joint without affecting the lymph node behind the knee.

Sitting on the bench, you can warm up your toes, gently pulling and bending them.

ankle should be massaged over the entire circumference.

One of the most useful massage techniques - kneading: thanks to him, tones the muscles and joints, several times improves blood

circulation, increases metabolism.

When using self-massage is another effective technique: stroking the legs with two hands.It is necessary to continuously and vigorously to slide over the skin hands, gently pressing.

for massaging the hip is used more energetic reception - squeezing, with which you can affect not only the skin but also in the deeper tissues.Experts have determined that when squeezing occurs outflow of venous blood and influx of arterial oxygen-rich.Squeezing need to do first with one hand, and then - two.The direction of movement - from the knee up.

Many complain that the procedures of self-massage completely excluded spin.Experts do not share the same opinion.If you lay a hand behind his back and outer side of the palm of your hand to rub her bottom up - from the waist to the back and shoulder blades, it is possible to achieve the desired effect.

neck can massage energetic strokes palms from the neck to the shoulders.Then knead it, pressing his fingers.

Belly recommend rubbing in a circular motion clockwise.Approaching the umbilicus, stroking the radius should be gradually reduced.

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