Mothers note: chickenpox (it is useful to know )

Chickenpox - one of the most common childhood infections, few of preschool age children avoided her.Fortunately, as a child, but rather to 12 years, chicken pox almost always occurs easily.In older children, the severity of varicella significantly increased, and even adults suffer from exceptionally tyazhelo.Vse begins with a rash.Varicella virus infects epithelial cells of the skin, forming her characteristic changes.First - red spots, which in a few hours turning into vials filled with transparent liquid.Already on the second day of the contents of the vial is cloudy, the surface is wrinkled and covered with a crust begins.Days 7-8 crusts dry up and fall off, usually without leaving a trace.The appearance of chicken pox rash usually coincides with the deterioration of the child's general condition (weakness, not eating, headache, increased body temperature).New bubbles are detected within several days (two to five).

Most of us chickenpox associated with green paint, which for the treatment sear bubbl

es.But in fact, the role of green fodder signaling rather than therapeutic.It is known that a sick chickenpox is considered contagious one day before the formation of the first bubble, and for five days after the onset of rash of the last element.Every morning my mother sick kid lubricates green paint bubbles appear again, but once it becomes clear that there is nothing more to gloss over, which means that after 5 days the child has no one would not pose a danger.That is brilliant green paint plays a role to clarify the terms of the patient's infectiousness.And doctors know that after 7-8 days after the onset of rash (when all the bubbles covered with crusts) the child is no longer contagious.So this is a private matter of parents - the baby to smear green paint or not.

How to help a sick child?So, if the brilliant green is useless, what really helps with chickenpox?How to alleviate the suffering of the baby?
chickenpox child often worried about itching and scratching bubbles multiplies, firstly, the risk of bacterial infection and, secondly, the likelihood that the bubbles in place for life to remain traces.To combat itching doctors prescribed sedatives, and parents need to distract and entertain, as well as carefully monitor the child's fingernails.Every day you need to change clothes, and it is possible to organize a bath with a weak solution of potassium permanganate.

If you do not use Zelenka, the bubbles can be lubricated with a solution of 1-2% solution of potassium permanganate (potassium permanganate), 0.05% solution rivanola or 1% aqueous methylene alcohol.This procedure is better to dry up pimples, less itchy.

If your baby has a rash on the mucous membrane of the mouth, regularly carry out rinsing with a weak solution furatsilina.

addition of raspberry jam and lime colors that perfectly reduce the temperature of the chickenpox helpful jam from rose petals - it soothes itching, promotes healing of blisters on the mucous membrane of the mouth.

Eases itching herbal infusion: Take equal parts grass and flowers of yarrow, calendula and chamomile

succession, sage and burdock root.Pour a tablespoon of the mixture cup boiling water, leave for 30-40 minutes in a thermos, strain.Wash your child this infusion, wipe the skin, use a mouthwash, you can even bathe in it baby.After the bath the skin is necessary to get wet, and do not wipe.

And one more thing - try to avoid overheating: the more the child will sweat, the more the skin will itch.

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