24 August

Boy or girl ?Planning the sex of the child

Paul unborn child - it's almost always a mystery.Many people have heard the phrase sacramental doctor during ultrasound, they say, "there" can not see anything.So, it is a surprise.And those who do not like surprises, may try to pre-plan the sex of their child malysha.Sposobov floor plan set.But do they really work, or expected outcome - just a coincidence, the question, as they say, is rhetorical.

example, ancient Chinese advised : so was born a boy, "do" it, lying head to the north, the girl - to the south.

Germans believe : Conception girls probably in the rain, the boy - in dry weather.

Calculate ovulation period.If intercourse takes place in the time of ovulation, the probability of the birth of the boy above.If to - wait for the girl.

Consider cyclical blood update the date of birth - male blood is updated every 4 years, for women - 3. His age divide by this number.Who parent remainder when divided more - of the floor and having a baby.

It is also believed that if the wife even age, the c

onception of a female child is possible in even-numbered months of the year (February, April, June, August, October, December).Odd - in odd months (January, March, May, July, September, November).

Argued that to conceive a girl should man with a head dive into work, exercise and forget about sex for a month.

Weight expectant mother less than 54 kg prior to pregnancy?- Parental girl. So say the Italians .

A According to the French method of "preferred fertilization» with a special diet for conception, which the French obstetricians practice, since the 70s, for the boy's birth the parents should eat foods with a predominance of potassium and sodium ions.And for those who want to give birth to a daughter, need more calcium and magnesium, which a lot of dairy products and herbs.

diet must be followed for 2.5 months before conception.Here are some general guidelines.

to conceive a girl, you must:
• completely eliminate the salt, all kinds of sauces and preserves,
• drink during the day at least 3/4 liters of milk, and eat at least two kinds of all dairy products except cheese,
• eat dailyno more than 130 grams of meat or fish products,
• allowed on the day of no more than one cup of weak tea or coffee,
• daily eat no more than 150 grams of fresh vegetables,
• exclude from the diet of dried fruits.

to conceive a boy, you must:

• maximum salt food every day to include in the diet of meat or fish,
• drink a day for at least 3 cups of fruit juice and half a liter of mineral water,
• daily before lunch and dinner to eatpiece of smoked sausage or fish,
• at least 3 times a week to eat potatoes,
• once a week to consume dried fruits (prunes, dried apricots, figs).

According to scientists, it gives a positive result in 80% of cases.

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