12 August

Animals - doctors ( it is useful to know )

What pets: cats, dogs, parrots and hamsters, are delivered to their owners joy, cheer up, help get rid of bad habits such as laziness, no doubt.But it turns out that "our smaller brothers" also treat a variety of diseases that affect their hosts.Here, for example, rabbit.Rabbit save from colds.And it's true.
Better than rabbit warmer there.Many are now kept at home eared Fuzzies.If you have a cold, freezing, and chest pain from coughing, put yourself in the rabbit's chest.15 minutes a day - and the pain as a hand lift, and the recovery will be faster.And if you manage to persuade the pet to lie still on your back, on the level of the shoulder blades, - cough subsides.The treatment is not worse than any physical treatments, and most importantly free.

Hamsters are essential for children.First, keep a little fluffy ball in his hands nice and helpful.It develops hand.And if the hamster to run, substituting in turn one and then the other palm and fingers sorting, fine motor skills develop very well.Little h

amsters naturalists help develop memory and attention.Daily monitoring of their life for older people - salvation from sclerosis and distraction.

course, do not often see a man who keeps a pig.While the West is very fashionable pets considered mini-piggies (small, but absolutely true Piggy).A great lover of these cute little animals - Hollywood actor George Clooney.Meanwhile, the mini-pig - a real walking kit.Needless swinish presence in the house makes you feel at meteodependent people, treats disorders of the nervous system, reduces the frequency of seizures in patients suffering from gastritis, pancreatitis and a stomach ulcer.If you love to hug my pig, and to lie with her on the carpet - forget about osteochondrosis, pain in the joints and spine.

A guinea pig healer, too, but still is!
Such terrible and poorly treatable diseases, such as arthritis or rheumatoid arthritis, back out if daily iron guinea pig on the back.This little creature can help relieve an attack of uterine hypertonus, if a pregnant woman put it on his stomach.In addition, sounds that publishes the guinea pig when it is satisfied, a beneficial effect on the nervous system, relieve irritation and anxiety attacks.

dog in the house - not just a friend, and a security guard.Daily walks two or three times a day in any weather discipline, strengthen the immune system, distraction from gloomy thoughts, energized.If you hurt yourself or hurt yourself hurt, allow four-legged friend to lick the wound.Contained in dog saliva has natural antibiotic and an antibacterial hemostatic effect, restores blood circulation to the site of injury, relieves pain and promotes tissue repair.

Shepherd and Husky help in the treatment of the musculoskeletal system, and some breeds such as spaniels and setters are able to find the owner cancers in the earliest stages.And of course, with a wagging tail, happily barking and squealing when you get home, four-legged friend, you get rid of any depression, the main thing - to want.

Undoubtedly, the first place among the four-legged cats healers take on the right.They can say, among our chief doctors, healers pets.Regardless of breed, all, without exception, they help heal migraines, pain in the cervical spine, hypertension and dystonia, cure heart disease and the effects of ischemic stroke.Enough iron Murka or Barsik several times a day - you'll sleep better, you will be left forever disturbing thoughts and you will forget about sleeping pills and anti-depressants on.It is proved that cats are helping to strengthen the immune and endocrine systems, and to cure sexual bessilie men and women to get rid of infertility.Tem, who are tired at work, a cat helps to quickly restore power, and those who can not quickly switch - to help relieve tension.Prichem this does not necessarily touch the "usatomu- striped" Doctor, just enough to be with him in the same room.

In short, you want to be healthy - get yourself furry doctor!

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