12 August

The story of aspirin ( it is interesting to know )

Did you know that the word "aspirin" came into use only in 1918, although it was invented in the XIX century?For 111 years, the medicine conquered the world.Lost in the tundra Eskimos know not worse with him than the American housewife.Its healing properties described Thomas Mann and other famous writers of the XX century.The great singer Enrico Caruso got rid of joint pain with it.

At the beginning of the XX century novelty was popular in Russia - including at the royal court.Knowledge of the mechanisms of action of the drug contributed to the rise ... Grigory Rasputin.Unbelievable?But the fact!The fact that aspirin reduces blood clotting (and therefore its use for the prevention of cardiovascular disease).But few people knew was deadly for haemophiliac Tsarevich Alexei aspirin.Who knew Rasputin is strictly forbidden to give a novelty from Germany to his ward.The heir to the throne and saved.

word "aspirin" was transferred to a defeated Germany the victorious countries under the terms of the Treaty o

f Versailles of 18-year on account of reparations.And before that it was a brand - a registered trademark of the German pharmaceutical company.

aspirin date of birth should be recognized 1897.It was then that a young chemist Felix Hoffmann developed a drug that helped his father to cope with debilitating joint pain.The tool has proved so effective that the company "Bayer" has bought the rights to it.And from the moment the word Aspirin has become her trademark.And so it was until 1918.

After World War I Russia, was not involved in the signing of the Treaty of Versailles with Germany, he has not officially received the right to reparation.And because she could not officially use the name aspirin.And in the Soviet Union officially the word did not exist, although, of course, the very drug was - in our pharmacies is a German agent was called acetylsalicylic acid.From the word "saliks" - the name of willow bark, the healing properties of which Hippocrates wrote.It contains salicin and - the substance, part of the basis for the drug.True, the name "aspirin" is used in Russia legally.Over the course of years, so to speak.

But why is it that the drug called aspirin?The fact that the receipt of willow drug was expensive, that's found a replacement willow - shrub spiraea.From it, and Hoffmann made his medicine for his father.So aspirin - literally "made of a spiraea."By the way, we spirea more commonly known as meadowsweet.

A salicin rich as strawberries, cherries, plums and ... wine.

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