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What are the packs (it is useful to know )

If we want to relieve pain without the aid of drugs, most often for this purpose use a compress.And if we do it correctly, the effect is achieved sufficient bystro.No how we do it?It is very important to take into account the specific situation and use the tools that will help in a particular case, because the packs are different.

packs dry and wet cold .

Dry compresses are several layers of gauze and cotton, they are used as a means of relief for burns, wounds, frostbite from the negative effects of the environment, from the ingress of dirt and bacteria.
These packs are made of sterile materials.

If you talk about a cold compress, they are used in local inflammations, bruises, or in violation of heart on the heart.

They are also made of the above materials or napkins, folded twice or four times previously soaked in cold water, and it is just beginning to heat up, the compress should be changed to the new one.

Assist such compresses for headaches, and excessive nervous excitement, in which case th

ey are applied on the forehead or on the neck, since this procedure decreases the flow of blood to the head.

Water hot compress .

This kind of compresses is a multi-layered cloth or gauze soaked in water and wrung out, but apply in addition and other materials.On top of moistened wipes special superimposed compress paper or larger film than a napkin, and it is still warm, and any tissue or handkerchief, which can be replaced by a layer of vaty.Takoy compress usually put up a few hours, and used the water temperature should be within twentydegrees.

hot compress is excellent resolving and distracting way, for this reason it is used in local inflammation, arthritis, bronchitis, laryngitis, tracheitis, pharyngitis.

Hot compresses .Hot compresses are used mostly as a painkiller.

swipe to compress moistened in water, where the temperature reaches approximately sixty degrees, quickly drained, without letting it cool down.Superimposed on the desired area and cover with paper or film, and then insulated and fixed with a bandage or a scarf.After ten or fifteen minutes compress change.

These packs are an effective remedy for migraines, which are developed on the basis of vascular spasm, angina, liver and renal colic, spasms of the muscles of the intestine.

Under the influence of hot compresses is an expansion of the blood vessels in the tissues, resulting in tissue blood rush and they are warmed, they occur more rapid clearance of harmful substances and accelerates the process of resorption.

Here examples compresses - folk recipes for the treatment of pain in the joints.

If, for example, one felt that he had "everything hurts" at that moment, when he stood up, and if the pain went away after a while - it is atherosclerosis.But there is a pain that comes when a person is at rest.Rather, it is an inflammatory process.Try to make a hot compress with a slice of lemon on the affected area.But if the pain increases, immediately remove the wrap and call a doctor.

Everyone knows that green potatoes shows that there is a lot of nitrates.This is not to potatoes, but can be used to compress.Potatoes are thoroughly washed and crushed on a grater (you can skip through the meat grinder).The resulting mass was placed in hot water and heated to 38 degrees.Then the potatoes are placed in a bag made of canvas that size should correspond to the lower leg, ankle joint or toes -to depending on where you want to put a compress.This bag is wrapped in the affected area and covered with oilcloth.Then the bandage so that a compress of nothing emerged.Go to bed, putting his foot on a small rise, for example, on the pillow.Sleep comes pretty quickly as soon as you feel the heat.If not warm compress, then, made it bad.The pain lasts for 20-30 minutes.Compress applied daily at night.In the morning you need to prepare a new one.

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