12 August

Color Psychology .Luscher color test ( it is useful to know )

Professor Max Lüscher color test developed by which one can identify some characteristics of a person.Think and answer what color you put on the first place and which will remove the last: gray, blue, green, red, yellow, purple, brown, black • Grey..If you prefer gray - you consciously insulate yourself from outside influences to keep the perfect peace and internal stability.If the gray color for you in last place - you're a man, rather, aggressive, very active and enthusiastic.You strive for vivid impressions.

• Blue color - a symbol of sensibility, affection, loyalty.The one who put it on the first place, in moments of failure is easy to become discouraged.If you strongly drop the blue color, it means the inner restlessness and desire for change that will help get rid of depression and passivity.

• Green.Prefer green -pryamolineen, it tends to idealize himself, at the same time having a tendency to force others to improve.The man threw the decidedly green, often complains that others too much is dem

anded of him.

• Red.If you put the red in the first place, it means that you want to enlarge and improve their emotional feelings.Anyone who excludes the red, do it mostly because feel distaste for aggression.

• Yellow.Choosing yellow, show the desire for independence and hope for a happy life.Opponents of this color is not enough stability and psychological independence.

• Purple.Anyone who loves the color purple, creates an atmosphere of harmony and agreement, but often hesitates to make decisions.Whoever puts the purple color on the last place, expresses an unconscious longing for sensual experiences.

• Brown.As a favorite color, it is a strong need for rest and relaxation.As unpopular color, it means that you are decidedly throw away all daily and routine.

• Black.Whoever puts the black in the first place, often suffers defeat in a duel with destiny.If you put a black in last place, you're not going to give up anything, but in doing so run the risk of expecting too much from life.

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