12 August

Color therapy - a means of alternative medicine

Even in ancient times people have assumed that the color has a certain influence on their health.Druids, shamans, priests of the Incas and the Egyptians used the color in the treatment of certain diseases.Nowadays color therapy is a type of alternative medicine.Thus, certain colors are recommended or, on the contrary, are not suitable for people who are depressed, suffering from heart diseases.The most sensitive people of color able to plunge into despair or give strength to life.

As part of the environment, the colors affect us throughout our lives.These are the qualities attributed to the specialists of different colors.

- Red increases activity.
- Violet enhances introversion, so not recommended for people closed.
- suffer from depression people need pink color - it will make them more active and happier.
- blue color calms, it is favorable for the excitable personalities.
- Green calms nervous and anxious people, fills the body harmony.
- Orange energizes and enhances the appetite,

promotes calcium absorption and is useful for the recovery of health.
- Yellow color stimulates the nervous and digestive systems, as well as contributes to the development of logical thinking.

From this list, particularly want to highlight red , which has an effect on people suffering from cardiovascular disease, stimulating the nervous system, increasing blood pressure.

Too much red creates a feeling of anxiety and tightness in the chest, it can devastate a person who is already fatigued.A small amount of red in the subject of art, performance and film activates, but bright red surplus interferes with vision and can cause dizziness and headache.

According to one study on this subject, a man in a yellow room is maintained normal pulse, it slows down in the blue room and the red room - increases.

Most likely, the thing is the perception of color on a subconscious level, where red is associated with blood, unknowingly causing irritation, green is reminiscent of fresh green, yellow - light of the sun, and blue - the color of the blue.

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