12 August

What is the "E" in the composition of products ( it's helpful to know)

Description of composition on the labels of products starts with the well-known words (sugar, oil, water), and usually ends with one or more "E" letters with a set of numbers.Someone does not pay for such encoded labels of attention, and someone is afraid of panic, thinking that the only way indicate harmful produkty.Na actually not so bad.Index "E" (short for "Europe") indicate conformity with European standard power, and digital code - the very form of additives, iechemicals that are added to foods to improve their application properties: taste, color, odor, storage period.

Scientific studies have confirmed that some of the supplements with frequent eating are dangerous to health.But once it is necessary to make a reservation: completely eliminate from your diet foods with these additives are unlikely to succeed, so to this list should be taken wisely, without fanaticism.

PROHIBITED ADDITIVES : £ 121 (citrus dye, red), E 123 (red amaranth, dye), E 240 (formaldehyde, a preservative), E924d and E 924

a (potassium bromate, flour).

can cause allergic reactions :

colorings E 102, E 104, E 107, E 110, E 120, E 124, E 127-129, E132, E 133, E155, E160, MANDURA 180

preservatives E 200-202, E 218, E 219, E 220-222, E 225, E230, E231 -232, E 284

antioxidants E 310-312

flavor enhancer E 620-621

defoamer E 901.

can lead to malignant tumors :

colorings E 103, E 125, E128, E 131, E 142, E 152, E 153

preservatives E 210-217, E 219, E 230, E 239, E 249-252 E 280-283

antioxidant Dante E 330

defoamer: E 954.

MAY CAUSE gastrointestinal disease :

colorings E 104, E 122, E 141, E150-153, E161, MANDURA 180

preservatives E210-217, E 220-226, E 241

antioxidants E 311 -313, E 320-322, E338-341

stabilizers, emulsifiers E407, E 450-452, E 461 -466

flavor enhancers and flavor: E 626-627, E628 5 ', 5 629 E', E 630-632, E-633 5 '635 5.


dye E 151

preservatives E230, E 231-233, E 239

antioxidant E 311

defoamer E 1105.


colorings E 171 -173

antioxidants E 320-322.


adversely affects the nervous system : E311-312.

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