12 August

Blood and predisposition to disease

is well known that blood - it is an individual trait inherent in all people and does not depend on race, sex or age.blood group identifies and overall health, and food preferences and predisposition to certain diseases.Knowing your blood type, you can advance to study the list of the most characteristic of her ailments and already more conscious approach to treatment and prevention.However, a predisposition to certain diseases is not yet the decisive fact that only these diseases can occur and progress.But, nevertheless, it is necessary to listen carefully to the risk factors, in order not to lose time or prevent the possibility of occurrence of certain diseases.

So what say blood groups:

People with first group blood usually have a strong character.They are resolute and self-confident, purposeful, steady against the neuroses, recovered quickly, however, differ in ambition, some painful self-esteem and arrogance.The representatives of the power of this blood group an important place is given to mea

t and meat products.These people have a strong body, and usually long-lived, but they suffer from various diseases.

For people with first blood group most typical gastritis, colitis, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcers, arthritis, rheumatism, nontraumatic hemorrhage, thyroid dysfunction, allergies.

Representatives second blood very sociable, easily adapt to any environment, organic part of the team and cause any location thanks to its openness and expressed goodwill.Emotions they did not prevail, they are able to think sensibly and calmly approach.They can rely on, because they do not like to disappoint anyone.To their obvious disadvantages are stubbornness and an inability to relax, which is fraught with health problems.Representatives of the second group of blood wiser to give up meat, because their health is much more useful vegetarianism.

most dangerous disease in people with second blood group: myocardial infarction, atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, liver disease and gall bladder, pneumonia, sciatica, low back pain, gout, chronic fatigue syndrome, premature aging, women - mastitis.

People with third blood group mostly thin, talented people.They are open and optimistic, they are characterized by a craving for adventure.Measured life does not appeal to them, and the changes cause a burning interest.These disadvantages are obvious extreme individualism and excessive desire for independence, which often results in their weakness and vulnerability.People with this blood type can eat meat and almost all dairy products in any quantity.

most dangerous disease for people with the third group - a sore throat, urinary tract disease, enterocolitis, cholelithiasis, cholecystitis, atherosclerosis, allergy.

Representatives fourth blood group numerically much less than the carrier of each of the other three groups.They are very inspired, multi-faceted, talented, extremely attractive.They are easy to get along, they are distinguished by gentleness, kindness, poise.But their weakness is manifested in the constant internal conflicts, often lowers self-esteem, and, moreover, they are afraid of anything new, prone to doubt.

Holders of this unique group of products suitable for all, but in small quantities, but should limit itself to the severe stomach meat dishes.

most dangerous disease for people with the fourth group of blood - a sore throat, flu, sinusitis, acute respiratory infections, bronchitis, anemia, eczema, hypertension, heart failure.

Although the blood and stores information about everything: how to eat, what kind of life to lead, how to cope with the disease, you should not blindly follow all instructions.Even having the same blood group of people in the individual manifestations of various qualities.Therefore, general information should be treated as a process more conscious approach to the organization of their way of life, nutrition and the prevention of possible diseases.

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