12 August

Jewellery and health ( alternative medicine )

harmless at first glance, ornaments of metal, if it is wrong to wear them, are able to reduce vitality and even cause serious illness.This opinion physicians refleksoterapevtov.Ancient Eastern doctrine of the energy meridians of the body and more popular today.

It says that there are special channels through which circulates a certain substance in the body that is responsible for our well-being.In China it is called "qi" in India - "Prana".This fundamental life energy moves through 12 paired and 2 unpaired meridians (lines joining biologically active points), as blood vessels.And it turns out that looped metal objects can pinch the energy channels as the rubber band clamps the artery.But under the tourniquet placed a note where indicated, they have been delivered and when to take it off.A ring and chains we often wear without removing 24 hours a day.

No wonder the old days ladies wore jewelry only for a time of balls, and then hid in a casket.And perhaps it is for the total to mute vitality, slaves in

ancient times wore iron collars.

According to doctors - refleksoterapevtov and regulations ancient oriental medicine, putting on a looped metal bracelet on his hand, we thus immediately reimplemented 6 meridians: heart, lung, colon and small intestine, pericardium meridian and three burners.

necklace or a chain around his neck, too, blocks the six meridians: the colon and the small intestine, bladder and gall bladder, stomach, and triple heater.

Depending on which finger wearing a ring, it can cover different meridians: the little finger - the heart and the small intestine, the ring - hormonal sistmy (meridian three burners), medium - circulatory and reproductive system, the index - the large intestine, large- lungs.

way, the engagement ring, which symbolizes the bond of marriage, wearing the ring finger is also a reason.It covers the hormonal channel and, therefore, reduces the spouses desire to go "left."As shown by recent research scientists, men who constantly wear a wedding ring, sexual disorders are more common than the others.

Why looped metal so strongly affects our energy meridians?

It is a logical explanation for this fact gives bioenergy, based on the laws of physics.Thus, if the current-carrying conductor placed in a closed loop, there arises self-induction electromotive force.As a result, the current strength increases.The flow of energy, for example, in our finger can be regarded as a conductor, and the ring - contour.

Wearing metal jewelry, at the same time we are strengthening life "current", but the longer it go, the higher the probability that the energy meridians "closes".How to prevent this?Do not wear metal jewelry looped continuously: 3-4 hours a day - and quite.The exceptions are earrings, because the earlobes are not connected with the energy meridians.

If you want to walk continually in your favorite chain - open it.Make an invisible box around zipper - link from threads.The same goes with the bracelet.

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