26 August

Nontraditional methods of treatment .Rhinestone - sorcerers stone

As a talisman, talisman, an amulet and healing stone rhinestone virtually unmatched.Its purity and transparency gave rise to many legends and superstitions.It is believed that rock crystal has a special power to fasten oath, the sacred bond promises.The owner of the stone brings purity of mind, the ability to communicate with people, the vision of hidden understanding nedoskazannogo.Slovo "crystal" comes from the Greek "kristallos", which means "ice".According to ancient beliefs crystal on sleeping man saves him from terrible dreams and worn in a ring - from the chill and the danger of freeze.And our ancestors believed: if you hold the rhinestone in her hands, cupped, fulfilled every request from that appeal to a higher power.

In ancient times believed that a necklace of crystal facilitates the flow of milk in nursing mothers.And that's a very long string of crystal beads can cause strange phenomena like hallucinations and intoxication.Apparently, the stone structure is such that its excess may attract

negative energy.

As an amulet crystal clears any space from negative influences-here know why people keep at home respectable size drusen crystal or crystal brush.That sharp ends crystals are cleaners: from them flows into the space clean and light energy.This is true not only of rock crystal, but also all the other crystals.

If you can not get such a crystal, you can use the stone in the form of a drop, oval or pyramid.Try to install crystal pyramid in the car (on the dashboard) and you will notice that the car will break down less often.The ball will produce the same job, but the energy is distributed differently.In fact, Rhinestone is a great conductor of cosmic energy.

Given the extraordinary ability to cut glass quickly accumulate and store information, jewelry and other items from it need to be cleaned regularly.Discharging the stone under running water, then briefly charged in the sun.

As it heals?As

doctor rhinestone simply amazing.In Indian and Tibetan medicine, he played a leading role.It is believed that the stone power is easily adjusted on the human vibration frequency, thereby harmonizing our internal state.

With crystal can cause the whole body to a full order.Especially well it treats the lymphatic system and violations of water-salt metabolism (dropsy of different origin), dental diseases, respiratory system.Crystal crushes and removes stones from the body, improves memory, brain function.It neutralizes radiation.Giving a person a powerful energy stone has beneficial effects on the nervous system.To maintain the overall tone is good to drink "crystal water" (stone must be in containers of not less than three days).It helps with jaundice, viscous bile stones of different origins and severe violations of the liver.For the recovery of the gallbladder is good to wear a piece of rock crystal (under the sheets) at upper right abdomen.

A stone wearing on the wrist (in the bracelet) regulates the flow of blood in the body, not allowing to form clots.

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