12 August

Diabetes.Dispel misconceptions ( it is useful to know )

false information about a particular disease can greatly harm.That is why it is so important to dispel misconceptions about the disease.Take, for example, the myths about diabetes diabete.Mif1.Diabetes - an infectious disease that can be contracted.

No, not true.The lack of insulin causes diabetes, occurs due to genetic predisposition, poor nutrition and other factors, but not by the infection.In addition, diabetes type 2 (non-insulin dependent) can cause overeating and constant search with digestible carbohydrates (tea with a few spoons of sugar, biscuits, meringues, etc.).

MYTH 2: If a person has diabetes, he should avoid foods rich in starch, such as potatoes, pasta and bakery products.

Avoid - too loudly.Rather, a more cautious attitude to the formation of their diet.It needs to be changed in the direction of reducing the amount of refined sugar, sweet confectionery, sweets.Pasta should be made of durum wheat, they are less harmful to the patient.You should try to buy bread from wholemeal grains,

can be with bran.

Myth 3: People with diabetes are more susceptible to colds.

direct connection between these phenomena do not.But the truth is also present: in diabetics reduced immunity in principle and disturbed hormonal balance, and because they have more than healthy, the risk of catching the disease.This applies not only to colds, but also such unpleasant things as pustular skin diseases, disorders of the kidneys and sexual function, impaired vision.

MYTH 4: patients with diabetes should eat a very specific diet.About sweet at all can be forgotten, but the fruits you can eat as much as you want - because they are useful.

course, ill have to adhere to certain diets, but there is nothing supernatural - all the same limit sugar, fat, etc.About sweet - no categorical prohibition does not impose, but the amount should be small - a couple of chocolates a week.If you can not live without chocolate, then let it be bitter, not milk.But lean on fruit is not necessary, because many of them are full of fructose (eg, apples), and it raises the overall blood sugar.

MYTH 5: insulin triggers obesity, causes vascular damage and increases blood pressure.

No, this is not true, if only because a healthy body produces this hormone itself, and it it is necessary for normal functioning.In diabetes, obesity, vascular disease and hypertension (increased blood pressure) - the investigation of metabolic disorders.

MYTH 6: Insulin is addictive, the cessation of administration is life-threatening.

all depends on the form of the disease.In diabetes, with an absolute deficiency of insulin you need to enter it.Here, indeed, we can say, depending on the medications.In diabetes, the developing in the elderly, insulin deficiency relative.It is possible to compensate for antidiabetic drugs and dieting.

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