12 August

Do not sleep on the go ( it is useful to know )

morning, barely hearing the alarm sounds, you want to be irresponsible baby?You still collect a fist all his will and "crawled" to work, but feel fully human only to the 12 hours?All week you are waiting for the weekend, but even on Saturday, slept till noon, waking up in a totally broken state?It's okay, it's okay: increased sleepiness during the winter affects about 90% of people.In addition, this phenomenon can be successfully borotsya.Zimoy our body falls into a light hibernation, metabolism slows down.Drowsiness - a kind of seasonal natural protective reaction of the organism.Therefore, to overcome the drowsiness, it is necessary to deceive your own body.To do this:

1. Once a week visit the solarium, but no longer than 5-10 minutes per session.

2. Replenish the lack of vitamin C: at least three times a week, eat meals with fatty fish species (herring, mackerel, tuna, salmon).For breakfast, eat a piece of butter.

3. Provide body citrus acids: every morning, eat half a grapefruit, an orange or a

couple of tangerines.On the face and body Apply a refreshing mask with lemon juice.

4. Add the spices in the food, enhancing metabolism: basil, oregano, cumin, cinnamon, green pepper.

5. If you need a "high readiness", in the morning you can take a tonic tincture Chinese magnolia vine and Eleutherococcus.

also one of the main reasons that we sleep on the go, is oxygen starvation: Cold winter air is thinner, and the content of oxygen is much less than that required by the body.And therefore saturate the body with oxygen:

1. Drink oxygen cocktails, and use makeup with oxygen molecules - both are available over the counter.

2. Force yourself to do daily exercises for 10-15 minutes.Choose more aerobic exercises.Master a few exercises from yoga, qigong, martial arts, aimed at stimulation of the respiratory center, and ventilation.

3. Lean on vitamins of group B. They are contained in tomatoes, cabbage, beef liver, in wheat germ, oats, peas, oranges, green peas, apples, beets.

4. Before going to sleep and in the morning, ventilate the room in which sleep.

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